Biography of Bernardo Torrens, Spanish artist

the toreador

The toreador (1997)
150 x 122 cm
Acrylic on table

Bernardo Torrens is a Spanish artist who was born in Madrid in the year 1957. His work is assigned to the Spanish realism and is one of the representatives of the contemporary Spanish hyper-realism.

Faithful to the realism and hyper-realism, Torrens supports in his pictures topics like sceneries, human figures and dead natures, with a stroke he signs and own, what they emphasize inside the concert of realistic Spanish artists. One of the most exquisite series is a Cubicle, where several feminine figures dispute the space and the form in cubicles.

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Biography of Arman, French artist

violin they arm


Armand Pierre Fernández was born in Nice, France, on November 17, 1928 and died on October 22, 2005. He devoted himself to the painting, to the sculpture and to the engraving. It was his father who initiated it in the painting at the age of 10, and between 1946 and 1949 he formed in the School of Decorative arts of his hometown.

In 1947 it met Yves Klein, of whom he was a big friend, in addition to realizing numerous artistic collaborations. With this one and with Claude Pascal they created one year later the artistic group Triangle.

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Exhibition of modern art in the Foundation Joan Miró

Girl on to High Chair, 1960, of Milton Avery

American modernity. Works of Corcoran Gallery of Art is the title of the exhibition that you can visit in the Foundation Joan Miró until January 25.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a selection of works of art modern, belonging to the collection of the gallery newyorquina, composed by pieces of the artistic avant-garde of the ends of the XIXth century and beginning of the XXth.

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Contemporary realism, exhibition in the Aragonese Artistic Group

Eduardo Naranjo
Laura acontraluz
Graphite on role

Contemporary realism – Something more than realism … II is the title of the explanatory proposal that is inaugurated on November 21 in the Aragonese Artistic Group.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 24 artists, who will exhibit a whole of 25 paintings and a sculpture. The contemporary Spanish artists of this exhibition belong mostly to the gallery ArteLibre, with names of the size Oscar Villalón, Teresa Lapayese, Edgar Mendoza, Paco Segovia and José Enrique González, between others. As guests are Eduardo Naranjo and Carlos Saura.

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Exhibition of realistic painting of Eloy Morales in Ansorena

Forest with solar filtrations

On October 14 there is inaugurated the individual exhibition of young artist Eloy Morales in gallery Ansorena.

What will we be able to see? The sample gathers a set of pictures of realistic style that paint the portrait of the courtesy of the north of Madrid. The pictures were realized between 2005 and 2008.

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Biography of Daniel Quintero

The voice of the tree, Farmer's etching

Daniel Quintero, excellent drawer and painter, was born in Malaga in 1949, and his infancy happened between this city and Melilla.

His artistic production has registered inside the school of the realism. Nevertheless, his last exhibitions in the Gallery Marlborough of Madrid (1999 and 2001) “demonstrate an evolution towards a painting less fastened that makes a new way of doing possible”.

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What does when does Eduardo Naranjo travel?

Seldom we have the pleasure in reading interviews to big Spanish artists and less speaking about his trips, but the summer and the holidays deserve to know the life of the painters.

The publication Today has interviewed Eduardo Naranjo, in a very light text (since if it had the opportunity of a chat with Orange tree he would not know where to start, but good), but well it costs to know what the realistic painter does during his trips and which some of his preferences are.

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Realism in the contemporary art

Night birds. 1942. Edward Hopper.

Night birds. 1942. Edward Hopper.

Inside the contemporary art, there are numerous the authors who have been interested for reflecting truthfully the environment that surrounds them in his works.

On the 30s of the XXth century, a bloom of realistic currents happened in the United States. On the one hand author Grant Wood stands out with his well-known portraits and sceneries of rural aspect, to what it has been named a painting regionalist.

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Realism in the modern art

Car of third. 1862. Daumier.

Car of third. 1862. Honoré Daumier.

The realistic painting in the modern art has taken as an object the representation of a quite varied subject-matter, from dead natures, up to urban stages, portraits, sceneries, interior scenes and human figures.

As reaction to the romanticism, arises in France at the end of the XIXth century a pictorial current named pictorial realism, which looks for the interpretation of the reality and of the objective thing from a generally social subject-matter. They stand out inside the pictorial realism authors as Daumier and Courbet, as well as the School of Barbizón, with his fantastic sceneries and authors like Rousseau, Millet and Corot.

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The realistic painting

The Trickster's bridges. 1868-70. Corot.

The Trickster's bridges. 1868-1870. Corot.

French pictorial realism. School of Barbizón.

The realistic painting is characterized basically by the mimesis or the imitation of the nature, although not necessary this one has why to give mimesis so that a painting is realistic. His premeditation is to receive, to express and to transmit the reality as faithfully as possible.

The realistic painting neither supports in his pictorial surface a search of the feelings by means of the color, as it happens with the movements expressionists, he nor looks for the transmission by means of a schematic representation of the reality, not abstract either, simply he tries to reflect faithfully what our eyes receive.

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