He interviews Antonio López García

Almost by chance I have met on this interview to Antonio López García, the Spanish artist that more I like, so much for his attitude before the art as for his hyperrealistic painting.

Antonio López García speaks to us about what it moves to the art from his birth, how it does his artistic work, the importance of the urban scenery, the need to take Spain as a topic of the Spanish painting. He speaks about Velázquez and Bacon, with very unlike opinions, in that you can or not to agree.

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Biography of Bernardo Torrens, Spanish artist

the toreador

The toreador (1997)
150 x 122 cm
Acrylic on table

Bernardo Torrens is a Spanish artist who was born in Madrid in the year 1957. His work is assigned to the Spanish realism and is one of the representatives of the contemporary Spanish hyper-realism.

Faithful to the realism and hyper-realism, Torrens supports in his pictures topics like sceneries, human figures and dead natures, with a stroke he signs and own, what they emphasize inside the concert of realistic Spanish artists. One of the most exquisite series is a Cubicle, where several feminine figures dispute the space and the form in cubicles.

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Exhibition of realistic works in Ansorena: Orange tree, Castelló, Millán, marcote, Luque, Cream horse and Baleztena


Juan Naranjo

Spaces, 7 realistic painters there is the explanatory proposal that the gallery Ansorena offers us from yesterday. The sample gathers the work of an exponents' fistful of the Spanish current realism.

In the exhibition they will be able to see works of Juan Naranjo, Tomás Baleztena, Carlos Marcote, Antonio Castelló, Jorge Bayo, Juan Luque and Joaquín Millán. How they will see for the names of the artists, this exhibition promises to show to dedicated from the Spanish realism and to the emergent figures.

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“Maria“, picture of Antonio López García


Maria, 1972

The work Maria de Antonio López García is a clear sample of the Spanish realism that there was practising the artist, where it is possible to appreciate the predominance of the drawing for on the painting, one of the principal characteristics of the painter, received from the strong influence that it was possessing of Salvador Dalí.

This portrait was created in 1972, using simply pencil and role, while his measurements are 70×134 cm, and it is possible to see a small girl, his 10-year-old daughter of age, perfectly planned and delineated, with his well demarcated details.

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“Eight days in the Havana” of Muñoz Vera


Gary Nader inaugurates the exhibition on December 4 in the gallery and it puts in the American scene the artist, Chilean of Spanish birth for adoption, Guillermo Muñoz Vera.

The exhibition assembles 44 oils, 44 digital photos, an audio-visual one and a book that includes texts and personal reflections of the painter inspired by his brief step along the Havana.

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