The invention of the XXth century, exhibition of Carl Einstein in Queen Sophia

I paint the portrait of II, of Joan Miró

The Invention of the XXth Century: Carl Einstein and the avant-gardes is the title of the gentle exhibition of modern art that you can visit in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by 120 works, paintings and a set of 35 African sculptures, in order to provide to the spectator a visual description of the intellectual work of Carl Einstein, one of the more important historians of art.

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What is the rayonismo?

Green Forest. 1912. Painting rayonista. Natalia Gontcharova.

Green Forest. 1912. Painting rayonista. Natalia Gontcharova.

The rayonismo is a Russian artistic movement that was born in the year 1909. As any other movement of avant-garde, the rayonismo is provided with its own ideological manifesto, the manifesto rayonista of 1913.

The rayonismo proposes the decomposition of the topic in lines bundles oblícuas, a species of beams of light of different tonalities. Aspects like the light, the color, the time, and the dynamism they are of big importance in the rayonismo.

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