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Notebooks of Africa, of Miquel Barceló

Interior of the book Notebooks of Africa

Without doubts Miquel Barceló he is the name and the man of the moment: be already well or evil seen by the dome of the UNO, or commented by his exhibition The Afrikan Work.

And for completing the last artistic proposal, we have the book available Notebooks of Africa of Miquel Barceló, a book that compiles the daily and artistic experience of the mallorquí during his stay in the black continent during 1988 2000.

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The first impressions of 8 cardinal sins of the contemporary art


Once again our Contemporaneizarte friends are to the avant-garde of the curiosities, thank you who we have access to this publication of José Javier Esparza, eight cardinal sins of the contemporary art, a work that we imagine that it tries desentramar the wise moves and mistakes of the contemporary art. We see what the sins are:

1. Obsessive search of the innovation, fundamental target of the creator. The artist does not aspire to create a good work, but a new work, which surprises for his innovation.

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