40 rewarded ARCH – Häagen-Dazs for young values


With the target to promote the contemporary art as cultural event of our society, Häagen-Dazs, in collaboration with ARCOmadrid, it summons young artists and resident creators in Spain, with independence of his nationality, after there informs of the Award ARCH 40 – HäagenDazs for young values.

The award is of 15.000€ and the exhibition is of the winning work in the edition of ARCOmadrid 2010. The term for the delivery of the works is next October 31.

Requisites for the participation:

1. Artists' participation

  • Any resident artist will be able to compete in Spain, major than 16 years, which an individual exhibition has not realized in a contemporary art gallery, with only one it acts.
  • To be able to inform in this contest every candidacy, work or participant, she will have to be presented by one of the galleries taking part in the section ARCO40 of the international fair of Contemporary art of Madrid, ARCOmadrid 09. The target of this condition is to promote the dialogue between creative young people and the galleries. Those that want to take part will have to contact with some of the galleries taking part in the section ARCH 40, whose list and link is on the web page of the award: www.haagendaismo.org

2. Taking part work

  • The work must be endorsed or presented by a gallery taking part in the section ARCO40 of the international fair of Contemporary art of Madrid, ARCOmadrid 09.
  • There will be able to present works to themselves in any discipline installation, painting, sculpture, photo, drawing, newmedia, audio or video.
  • Every candidate will be able to present the only work or like a series, original and that has not been rewarded previously.
  • The presentation to the Award implies a transfer to Häagen-Dazs of the rights of exhibition, in a time not superior to two years, reproduction and public communication of the chosen works.

3. Galleries ARCO40

  • The galleries that have exhibited in ARCO40, edition 2009, are those who allow to the artists to gain access to the award. There are these galleries those that facilitate, to the artist, his access code for the entry as soon as the work was validated. For it every gallery of ARCO40 of the edition 2009, it will receive some non-transferable password. One to gain access to the area deprived of galleries, others it to be facilitated to the artists who want to take part in this contest and which work has been validated by the gallery that represents it. The communication of the password to the artists, candidate implies the ratification on the part of the corresponding gallery of the artist and his work.

The inscription of the artists and the works is realized across the web of www.haagendaismo.org, after that the gallery facilitates the password to you. The inscription must appear in Spanish and English.

Information that they will accompany to every work:

  • Access key (assigned by gallery of ARCO40 - Edition 2009
  • Title of the work
  • Information of the gallery
  • Information of the artist or group of collaboration
  • Brief description of the work (maximum of 50 words)
  • If the work is documentable in image or video, to enclose an image or fragment of the same work. Valid formats for the attached files: ".doc", ".pdf ".jpg", ".mp3", ".mov", “, swf

The winner will be communicated between January 8 and 12, 2010.

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