Why to choose the University Alfonso X The Wise person?

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Do not you know yet what university to choose? Since here we offer you some points so that you value the University Alfonso X The Wise person, an educational center with a very interesting studies offer.

  1. It is provided with a University Campus of 1 million square meters with 19 teaching buildings, 85 laboratories, 1 proper managerial park, the most advanced Veterinary hospital of Europe, 3 residences, 2 general hospitals, 1 institute of postgraduate course, 1 football ground of artificial lawn, 1 stadium of authorized athletics, 1 sports pavilion, 24 sports center tracks.
    • The pupils realize practices in more than 6.500 domestic and international enterprises with which we have collaboration agreements.
    • The study plans are renewed periodically in depth incorporating in every course subjects into the last advances of every career.
    • There is a teacher for every 11 pupils, what allows us to attend to them knowing his name and surnames from the first day until the day in which they graduate. Also, they all are provided from the first day with a tutor to face them and to lead them towards a culture of the effort and of the work, values that are part of our adn as university.
      Four good reasons to choose it, no? He waits then to see his careers offer in professional training:


      Technical architecture

      • Top engineerings
      • Ways, Channels and Ports
      • Industrialist
      • Telecommunication

      Licentiates of 5 years

      • Drugstore
      • Odontology
      • Veterinarian

      Licentiates of 4 years

      • CC. of the Physical activity
      • Translation and Interpretation

      Technical engineerings

      • Industrial design
      • System computer science
      • Telecommunication specialty
      • Sound and Image

      Diploma courses of 3 years

      • Business studies
      • Infirmary
      • Physical therapy
      • Human and Dietetic nutrition
      • Podiatry
      • Therapy

      Double qualifications

      • Admin. and Dir. of Companies + Tourism
      • Right + Admon. and Dir. of Companies
      • Admin. and Dir. of Companies + Right
      • Drugstore + Human and Dietetic Nutrition
      • Physical therapy + Occupational Therapy
      • Physical therapy + Podiatry
      • Ways + Environmental sciences
      • Ing. Industrialist + Environmental sciences
      • CC. of the Act. Physics and of the sport + Physical therapy

      Double international qualifications

      • Right + Juris Doctor

      Grades of 4 years

      • Grade in System engineering of Information
      • Grade in Computer Engineering
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