Recital Matisse in the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza


Self-portrait, 1906

Owing to the closing of the exhibition Matisse, 1917-1941, a recital will be realized on the 2nd of September in the Museum Thyssen-Bonemisza. The earnings for the event will be available from September 1 for the sale to the friends of the museum and from September 8 for the public in general.

The musical homage will be provided with songs of Karol Szymanowski and Maurice Ravel, melodies of Shostakovich, the voices of Baudelaire, Mallarmé or Aragon, pieces of Debussy, the piano of Dimitri Vassilakis, and music of Poulenc.

Earnings cost:

  • 8 € for friends of the museum, with card presentation for the numbered earnings.
  • 10 € for public in general, up to completing forum.

The earnings can be bought in the same museum of 10:00 to 18:30 hours.

Works of Susy Gómez

Until June we had in CAC of Malaga, the exhibition of Susy Gómez, one of the most interesting Spanish contemporary artists.

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The world was in another place, exhibition of Víctor Pimstein in Joan Prats


River and woods, 2008-2009

The world was in another place it is the exhibition of paintings of Víctor Pimstein that you will be able to visit in the gallery Joan Prats of Barcelona.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a set of oils that shape the recent work of the Mexican artist, whose more beetling element is the chromatic intensity difumada, in allusion to the images of the scenery of that it paints the portrait.

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Time as matter, exhibition of the new works of the collection of the MACBA

Shapolsky et to. Real Manhattan you Be Holdings, to Real Hans Haacke Steals Social System, ace of May 1st, 1971 Collection MACBA,

Time as matter. Collection MACBA. The title of the exhibition is new incorporations that you will be able to see in the Contemporary Art museum of Barcelona (MACBA) this spring and summer.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles the works acquired by the museum throughout last two years, between which artists' pieces stand out like Hans Haacke, Matt Mullican, León Ferrari and David Lamelas, between others. Also it will be possible to visit the finished collection, with 250 works never seen.

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Joan Miró and the feminine image, exhibition in Cultural center Bancaja of Valencia

Joan Miró. Evocation of the feminine image is the title of the exhibition that you can visit in the Cultural center Bancaja of Valencia.

The sample assembles 154 works, which tackle the image of the woman from the look of Joan Miró, between sculptures, paintings, drawings, objects of the workshops of the artist.

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Exhibition of Antoni Tàpies in New York

L'escala (The Ladder), 1974

Antoni Tàpies, the resources of the rhetoric is the title of the exhibition devoted to the Spanish artist that one can visit in the Foundation Day Art Beacon, of New York. The exhibition comes like the brooch of international consecration of one of the most important living Spanish artists of the second half of the XXth century.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 16 works of Tàpies, whose axis thematic and force is in the production matérica of the work itself.

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Spain according to Joaquín Sorolla, exhibition in Museum Sorolla

Flemish Bailaora

Sorolla and his idea of Spain is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla that you will be able to visit in Museum Sorolla.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 33 oils that paint the portrait of the vision of Sorolla of Spain, with his sceneries and inhabitants, somewhere near the beginning of the XXth century.

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Exhibition of portraits of Julián Grau Santos

Mario Vargas Llosa, 2000

Julián Grau Santos. Writers' portraits there is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish artist in the Foundation Rodríguez Acosta, realized along with the Foundation Mapfre.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 51 portraits realized to poets, writers and related essayists of Grau Santos, between which they are counted: Rafael Alberti, Francisco Ayala, Jorge Luis Borges, Miguel Hernández, Antonio Machado, Octavio Paz, Salman Rushdie, José Saramago, Mario Vargas Llosa, between others.

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Reconstructions, exhibition of Alfonso Albacete in gallery Marlborough

Japanese 1, 2008

Reconstrucciones is the title of the first exhibition of the Spanish artist Alfonso Albacete who is inaugurated today in the gallery Marlborough.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 20 works, in oils and acrylic, many of them of big format, who realize of the searches of Albacete in the fields of the sensory and mental procedures of construction of the memory.

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Works of Sam Francis in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

Sam Francis is an American painter of the XXth century, located between the art of postwar period and the contemporary, about which we have spoken little and nothing. Linked to the abstract expressionists of his epoch, his work derived in an interest in the tachonismo, artistic current where it gives priority to the chromatic mark.

In the auction of May 13 of contemporary art and of postwar period of Christie's in New York we will be able to see these lots to auction:

Blue and yellow

Watercolor on role
75,5 x 56 cm
Signed and dated “Sam Francis ‘54 Paris”, in the reverse
Identical with 1954
Starting price: 223.000 – 298.000 €

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