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Graphic work of Jaume Plensa in the GACMA


GACMA brings to us a sample of the last works of graphic work of Jaume Plensa. With this exhibition it will be possible to explore the graphic work of Plensa, to understand the language different from that of the sculpture or of the drawing where the artist finds a place in which to ponder deeply on the human being.

The exhibition will be realized from September 25 until November 25, in the GACMA, in the street Fídias, 48, Malaga.

Abraham Lacalle exhibits his works in Malaga


The young born Spanish painter in Almeria, Abraham Lacalle presents his new exhibition “The Highway”, in the gallery Alfredo Viñas, located in the street José Denis Belgrano, 19, Malaga.

The works of the artist – who always does in his works references to big names of the painting like Marcel Duchamp, Picasso, Mondrian, as well as to the big artistic and literary movements of the XXth century – it will be able to be seen until October 25.

The gallery is opened from Monday until Friday from 11.00 to 13.30 h and from 18.00. until 21.00 hs On Saturdays from 11.00. until 13.30 hs.

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Superflat. New Pop Culture, exhibition of Takashi Murakami in Valladolid

Murakami #55 for online ONLY

Takashi Murakami is one of the artists of actuality with whom more we identify, perhaps be for the language for which it uses, always coloring and freely, mixing skills of Japanese traditional painting with modern graphic styles.

The artist presents a works selection in the exhibition that takes the name of “Superflat. New Pop Culture”, in the Municipal Room of Exhibitions of the House Retown until November 15 in schedule from Tuesday until Sundays from 12 to 14 hs. and from 18,30 to 21,30 hs. The entry is free.

The room is located in the C / Torrecilla, 5, Valladolid.

Fonte: Iberarte

Exclusive interview with the realistic artist Manuel Franquelo

To transfigure the insignificant thing is the name of the new exhibition of artist Manuel Franquelo, known especially by his hyperrealistic works. Franquelo tells us – being a telecommunications engineer – as it coexists with the art, the new technologies and the science, as well as the place that has the realism in Spain according to his opinion.

The finished and exclusive interview will be able to be seen to continue:

Camouflages, collective exhibition in The Burning House


Camuflajes is the title of this collective exhibition that you can visit in The House Lit until November. The proposal takes as a target to assemble the work of diverse artists who use the resource of the camouflage as a constitutive element of his work.

It will be possible to see works of these artists: Angels Agrela; José Ramón Amondarain; Liu Bolin; Manuel Cerda; Chema Cobo; Monica Duncan and Lara Odell; Lalla Essaydi; Leo Fabrizio; Adonis Flores; Joan Fontcuberta; Laurent La Gamba; Rogelio López Cuenca; Maider López; Carmen Mariscal; Laura Mars; Mateo Maté; Carlos Miranda; Sonia La Mur; Juan Luis Moraza; Yasumasa Morimura; Harvey Opgenorth; Desiree Palmen; Domingo Sánchez Blanco; Francesca Woodman; Gina Zacharias; Eleanor Antin; Emilio Fantin; Alfredo Jaar; Ottonella Mocellin; Pacquée Laughs; Cesare Pietroiusti and Cesare Viel.

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October Picassiano in the Foundation Native Picasso Casa


Foundation Native Picasso Casa prepares the second edition of the October Picassiano, an art cycle with the target to turn the artist in an icon not only for the connoisseurs of his work, but a popular icon.

In October Picassiano starts on October 14 and he is provided with the exhibition of 25 pieces of ceramics realized by the artist apart from presentations of theater and music.

This year, apart from Picasso, the big protagonist of the event is the surrealistic painter Óscar Domínguez that gains the exhibition Fire of Stars where we will see pictures, graphic work and picture books and that will be able to be visited from October 22 until February 7. Both samples are in the Foundation Native House in the Square of the Favor, 15, Malaga.

Esteban Vicente and his work

Esteban Vicente was one of the big Spanish artists, pioneer of the abstract expressionism in our country. We have already seen his biography and now we offer you a small trip for his work.

In Vicente's pictures it gives priority to the color and the light as central and constitutive elements of the order in the painting. His pictures remember us to the work of Mark Rothko, where the color spots seem to work in the same way.

In Vicente's paintings the orange, yellow, green and blue ones, believe an ambience of tension and chromatic relaxation, in a request simultaneously contradictory and agreeably to the look.

In the night in the White 2009


In his 4th edition, the Night in Target one already turned into an almost obligatory appointment all those citizens who look for an original proposal that he allows us to breathe a little of plow cultural of Madrid that not for never.

The event that account was created in Paris in 2002 with followers in the whole world. Nothing better than the art in crisis times to be sick a little of happiness to our lives.

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“The shoes” of Vincent Van Gogh gain exclusive exhibition

vthey go - gogh-shoes

There exist many artists who have his work exhibited in diverse samples, but perhaps only Vicent Van Gogh achieved an entire exhibition for the only picture of his. The picture is “the shoes” in question and after years of discussions it keeps on being one of the most mysterious works in the world of the art.

Expert in art and philosophers they debate the origin of the shoes, his proprietor and the intentions of the artist with the painting. Some say that he wanted to paint the portrait of the effort of a rural worker, others say that the identical shoes belonged to an urban citizen and there is those who said that the shoes do not form a pair since they are different one of other.

The exhibition of only one picture starts tomorrow in Wallraf Richartz Museum of Cologne, in Germany.

Tears of Eros, eroticism in the Museum Thyssen and Foundation Box Madrid


The last book of the French writer Georges Bataille serves of name for the next exhibition organized by the Museum Thyssen and the Foundation Box Madrid that – inspired in some of his ideas of eroticism – presents an exhibition with a considerable sensuality load and that discusses the identification of the erotic one with the prohibited thing, with the transgressor and the religious sacrilege.

Tears of Eros it has everything: the masculine look and the feminine one, the hetero and the homo, the voyeurismo and exhibitionism, the bondage and the sadomasochism, the diverse fetishisms, etc.

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