The Catalan culture across his illuminated ones

Romanesque painting and Catalan cap, of pies

The Center of Contemporary culture of Barcelona (CCCB) receives in his rooms an exhibition of the biggest artists look at to her us, in that you will see Antoni Tàpies, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró y Gaudí, between others.

The sample consists of more than 800 works, from Ramon Llul up to the actuality, which takes as a target to show the madness and the lighting of the Catalan artists.

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Exhibition of Spanish design of the XXth century in Bogota

Armchair Chamber of Commerce, 1953
Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cordova
of Rafael de la Hoz and José Maria García de Paredes

300 % Spanish Desing is the title of the exhibition that assembles Spanish designers of the XXth century in the Modern Art museum of Bogota.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of pieces and objects of design of artists like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Guadí, Moneo, Marshall and Tusquest, between others.

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Permanent collection of Queen Sophia

Head of woman crying with handkerchief. 1937. Pablo Picasso.

Head of woman crying with handkerchief. 1937. Pablo Picasso.

The funds of the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia lodge a few dieciseismil works of contemporary art understood between the last years of the XIXth century up to the actuality.

The permanent collection comprises approximately five hundred seventy works of art placed in the second and fourth plant of the building. The sculpture, the painting, the videoarte, the videoinstalaciones, the facilities, the engraving and the photo, between others, are the artistic disciplines that we can be exhibited there.

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Dora Maar of Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Dora Maar. 1937. Pablo Picasso.

Portrait of Dora Maar. 1937. Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Oil on table. 92 x 65 cm. Museé National Picasso, Paris.

Between numerous pictorial portraits that it realized the person from Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso finds the portrait of Dora Maar, that photographer who supported a stormy sentimental relation with the painter at the end of the thirties and beginning of the forties.

Several are the portraits that there realized Pablo Picasso de Henriette Theodora Markovitch, real name of Dora Maar; some of them are in Museé National Picasso of Paris. The National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia also is provided with other of the portraits. The one that we show in the top imágen belongs a year 1937.

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Picasso and the cubism

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Between the numerous stages of the painting of Pablo Picasso we find the blue epoch (1900-1904), the pink epoch (1905-1906) and the cubism, a period that starts in the year 1907 and finishes in the year 1914.

The birth of the cubism is deeply marked by the primitivism. The influence of the primitive cultures was remaining reflected in the painting of the of Malaga artist on having made use of that simplicity compositiva, of the esquematismo, of the angularities and of the primary colors. We already mention how the work Miss of Avignon marks the origins of the cubism.

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Calendar of new period of exhibitions in Barcelona

Fontcuberta, one of the artists of the period

We are weeks ahead of the beginning of the period 2009-2010 of exhibitions in Spain and bring over to you a plain calendar of the most famous thing that it will be possible to see in art in Barcelona.

Agenda the exhibitions and artists that we recommend you:

  • Retrospective of Rodchenko in The Stone quarry from October: there will be seen a hundred of works, which include drawing, painting, photo, design, special constructions and photomontages.

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Spanish drawings of the XXth century, exhibition in Bass Museum of Art

Pablo Picasso, Without Title (Harlequin and Punch), 1924

Bass Museum of Art of Miami has to exhibition the sample Spanish Drawings from the XXth century until November 2.

What is it possible to see? The collective one assembles the works in drawings, sketches and illustrations of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Antoni Tàpies, Sonia Delaunay, Juan Gris, Francis Picabia and Joaquín Torres-García.

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Contemporary art and sculpture

Man walking. 1960. Giacometti.

Man walking. 1960. Giacometti.

Along the contemporary art history, the sculpture has had a big presence. Different artists and artistic movements have been authors of a big varied sculptural production. In the avant-gardes there stand out authors like Brancusi, Picasso and Naum Gabo. And authors as Matisse and Kirchner in the sculpture expressionist.

In the futurist sculpture Umberto Boccioni with the only Forms of continuity in the space. Modigliani with his recognizable and stylish busts. Tatlin stands out in the Russian constructivism, with works of propaganda character in which it was unifying the pictorial, sculptural and architectural character. As well as the Duchamp ready-mades dadás, and the singular surrealistic sculptural objects, remembering the Phone Lobster or Milo's Venus with Dalí drawers.

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Select works of Picasso, Goya and Lorca in the International Fair of the Ancient Book

One of the watercolors of Picasso

From September 11 until September 13 the Palace of Congress and Exhibitions of Madrid will receive the International Fair of the Ancient Book, in which we will be able to see select works of art and the first books editions.

What will we be able to see? The event will assemble 75 booksellers of the whole world, in whose copies they will be able to find real jewels of the art and the literature, like pieces select and somewhat difficult to find of Picasso, Goya and Lorca.

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Engraving of Picasso stolen in São Pablo was found in a ditch

With this work, there is completed the find of 4 works stolen in June of last year from the Art gallery of São Pablo, but little of the state says the news about the engraving that was found in the ditch of a highway, nearly one favela.

It is a question of Minotaur, drinker and women (1933), of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. For the place in which the work was found, we imagine that it must have some significant damages, since the moisture, the outdoors and other conditions are not favorable at all for the intact conservation of a work of art.

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