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Paula Rego and Abraham Lacalle attack in the gallery Marlborough


An illustration of Rego of the text of melo.

The gallery Marlborough opens this new period with two succulent exhibitions: Or vinho of Paula Rego and The sky that recurs of Abraham Lacalle. Both samples inaugurate 13 next and they will be opened for the public until October 13.


The trip of the bachelor, of Lacalle.

In Or Vinho, Watered it opens his graphic work with a ten lithographies, inspired by a brief history of the Portuguese writer João de Melo, in which the wine is the protagonist. Together with this exhibition of the graph of the Portuguese artist also the melo book will be to the sale with the Rego illustrations.

The exhibition of Paula Rego will coincide with the retrospective of the artist that there will inaugurate on September 26 in the Museum Queen Sophia, like homage to one of the most important living painters of our time, according to the criticism.

In The Sky that recurs, Lacalle transports us across more than 20 pictures, to a painting in which a multiplicity of arguments and references they make to emerge an authentic fountain of sensations arranged in a necessary chaos.

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