Why to choose the University Alfonso X The Wise person?

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Do not you know yet what university to choose? Since here we offer you some points so that you value the University Alfonso X The Wise person, an educational center with a very interesting studies offer.

  1. It is provided with a University Campus of 1 million square meters with 19 teaching buildings, 85 laboratories, 1 proper managerial park, the most advanced Veterinary hospital of Europe, 3 residences, 2 general hospitals, 1 institute of postgraduate course, 1 football ground of artificial lawn, 1 stadium of authorized athletics, 1 sports pavilion, 24 sports center tracks.
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    He bets that Iker does not score goal in the Real Villarreal vs Madrid

    real madrid vs villarreal

    Do you cheer up? The bet in the Show Top Games of Begawin.com today will be white hot: they return you half of your bet if you lose, but Real Madrid wins and Iker Casillas is not the person in charge of the goal.

    Begawin.com he will return you half of your bet if you lose and are right in this risky prognosis, up to 50 % of your bets and this promotion it is valid for the users of Spain, Central America and South America.

    This night at 20 a.m. hs is the meeting between the Real Villarreal vs Madrid, which promises emotion and money to those who should realize his sports bets in Begawin.com. He remembers that if you are one of the lucky ones, the money will pay to your account in the space of 48 hs of finished the party.

    Hosting Premium for your web

    hostinga premium

    Belong you to these demanding persons and retailer who looks for the best thing for his projects? So if you are like that and also these prompt, to throw your web in the Internet universe, you will be interested in this bundle of hosting premium of Sync.

    In Sync you can choose between 2 hosting premium options, with servants dedicated for the entire administration of your web: Linux to 69.95 € x month and Windows to 79,95 € x month.

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    He bets in the show of top games of Begawin.com


    Begawin.com has opened a new promotion for the fanatics of the sports bets in the show of top games, where special bets are celebrated in the elected sports.

    The top games show rewards bets for the parties in the Night of Champions in San Siro, where they pay the double of your bet if Ibrahimovic scores goal opposite to Inter de Etoo. The promotion is valid for users of Spain, South America and Central America.

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    The exercise of the look, workshop of photo with Navia


    Photo of Navia

    The exercise of the look is the workshop of photo of the photographer Navia, who will be carried out in the rural accommodation The Cercadillo, in the Place of Pictures in full Nature reserve of Saw Mágina in the locality of Bedmar (Jaen).

    The workshop has the coexistence form for 5 days, from October 14 until next October 18, and it is faced to students, professionals and public in general, interested in the photo.

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    It transfers your domain to 0 €


    Sync offers the service of transference of domain to zero cost and for an extension year for those who already have his record of proper domain or look direccionar for his domain in a free servant.

    This service of transference of domain is applicable for the domains.Com.Biz.Net.Org and.Info. The Sync bundle to transfer domains includes:

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    Collective exhibition of figurative painting in gallery Hartmann Barcelona


    Work of Sanmiquel

    The gallery Hartmann of Barcelona has in exhibition the collective sample of figurative painting of artists Mapi Gil, Ramón Sanmiquel y Paco García Barcos, that you can visit until September 14.

    What will we be able to see? The exhibition is a retrospective in which every artist presents his vision of the human figure, so much in collisions as applied skills.

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    The Bludgeon of Begawin.com in your mobile


    Are you a client of Orange and user of Begawin.com? Since you go of congratulations with this new service of Begawin.com! It is a question of The Bludgeon, a service that allows you to gain access to the bets web and see all your sports bets from the mobile.

    To do to you with this service, he sends the free message Porrawin to 222 or enters straight in wap.porrawin.com for receiving the link of this service that allows you to receive in the mobile the results of the careers of MotoGP and of Fórmula1 of immediate form once finished. Also, you will be able to take part free in a bludgeon of every career.

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    It registers your domain for 6,99 €


    Sync is one of the most reliable services for those who think about how to register his domains. Since you know, at the time of having a blog or web page the best thing is to have a proper domain, this way you can promote your project, be already a hobby or of work.

    To have a proper domain is a fundamental tool for the artists, since not only they manage to have a shop window of his work in the web, but make to know his name.

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    It wins you and your friends with the Friendly Bond of Begawin.com

    friendly bond

    If you are already a user of Begawin.com, place of bets where the emotion is guaranteed, and you have gained some extra money in your sports bets now you can add your friends and win more with the Friendly Bond.

    The procedure is very simple: you must present your friends and they give you a bond at the price of 20 % of his first revenue. You know already, how many more friends you present us …: major will be the number of bonds that you obtain!

    You must send the information of your friends registered in Begawin.com to info@begawin.com and you can already begin to gain extra money with your million friends. He remembers that your friends also are favored by the Bond Welcome by his record.

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