It transfers your domain to 0 €


Sync offers the service of transference of domain to zero cost and for an extension year for those who already have his record of proper domain or look direccionar for his domain in a free servant.

This service of transference of domain is applicable for the domains.Com.Biz.Net.Org and.Info. The Sync bundle to transfer domains includes:

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The Bludgeon of in your mobile


Are you a client of Orange and user of Since you go of congratulations with this new service of! It is a question of The Bludgeon, a service that allows you to gain access to the bets web and see all your sports bets from the mobile.

To do to you with this service, he sends the free message Porrawin to 222 or enters straight in for receiving the link of this service that allows you to receive in the mobile the results of the careers of MotoGP and of Fórmula1 of immediate form once finished. Also, you will be able to take part free in a bludgeon of every career.

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It wins you and your friends with the Friendly Bond of

friendly bond

If you are already a user of, place of bets where the emotion is guaranteed, and you have gained some extra money in your sports bets now you can add your friends and win more with the Friendly Bond.

The procedure is very simple: you must present your friends and they give you a bond at the price of 20 % of his first revenue. You know already, how many more friends you present us …: major will be the number of bonds that you obtain!

You must send the information of your friends registered in to and you can already begin to gain extra money with your million friends. He remembers that your friends also are favored by the Bond Welcome by his record.

It plays the poker in


Are you an expert in poker? Since you do not lose any more time and sign up to, the place of bets and casino online where the emotion is guaranteed.

In you have a wide repertoire of games of casino, with a special category of games of poker with 10 forms: Jacks or Better, Joker Wild, Poker to 3 hands, Poker to 5 hands, Deuces Wild, All American, Jacks or Better 2, Joker Wild 3 hands, Deuces Wild 2 and All America Poker.

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Servants dedicated for your web

dedicated servants

You are I decide for showing your artistic work for the web and you do not know how to start. I recommend to you to incline for the option of dedicated servants of accommodation, which allow you a control and safety for your web project.

In Sync Intertaiment you can choose between 3 options of servants dedicated with these systems: CentOs, Windows Server 2003 and RedHat E.L. Each of them fits to the requests of your project, they even can complement the offer of your servant dedicated with services like administration, backups day pupil, shared swinging, firewalling.

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