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Since you know we live in a world where the communication is the most important capital and the web 2.0 has taken the central place. So much if you are an artist as businessman or simply you want to give to know each other in the virtual world, you must have a web site and for it you must know what web accommodation to choose to manage your place.

A web or a blog is a fundamental tool for the contemporary artists because it is the perfect shop window to announce your work to the world, more even if you are a contemporary artist who uses the new technological means applied to the art. If you still have not chosen the accommodation for your web or blog, I propose to you the platforms of virtual accommodation of, whose characteristics will do of your web a thing simple to handle and to visit.

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Museum of the Oil and web of Carbonell

Carbonell, company 100 % Spaniard and world leader in production and distribution of olive oil, who has given a draft to his web page to turn into the place of reference to the lovers of the oil and to promote his shop online, with products that you will be able only to find in and at an incomparable price.

In the new Carbonell web you will find the best olive tourist routes - a trip for the emblematic places of the olive tree and the oil in Spain - to know his Museum of the Oil and even to learn to realize oil tastings, using the star of tasting that Carbonell has developed so that the lovers of the oil learn to appreciate the differences and tones of his oils.

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