From Goya to Picasso, a British look to the Spanish art in National Galleries of Scotland

weeping woman picasso

Weeping Woman, 1937 © Succession Picasso/DACS 2009. Image © Tate, London 2009

The Discovery of Spain: British Artists and Collectors: Goya to Picasso is the title of the exhibition in National Galleries of Scotland, who revises the Spanish art from the British vision.

What will we be able to see? This big summer sample revises the work of 20 British artists fascinated with the Spanish art from the XVIIth century up to the actuality, in addition to the work of Spanish teachers like Velázquez, Zurbarán, Murillo and The Greek one, between others.

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Eroticism and art in an exhibition of Thyssen Bornemisza


Photo of Rachel Weisz for James White

Tears of Eros there is the title of the big retrospective that the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza will inaugurate in autumn, which central topics are the eroticism, the passion and the death in the ancient art, of the XIXth century, surrealist and contemporary.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 120 works that tackle the eroticism and the passion across these moments of the art history, with pieces in painting, sculpture, video and photo. Between the works stars are photos of Man Ray or James White; paintings of Picasso and Antonio Saura and videos of Bill Viola.

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Olividar to Rodin?, exhibition of sculptures in Foundation Mapfre

Auguste Rodin returns to the rooms of the Foundation Mapfre with the exhibition: To forget Rodin? Sculpture in Paris 1905-1914, which you will be able to visit until September 13.

What will we be able to see? A set of works assembles the sample in artists' sculptures that have been inspired in the Rodin language, be already like a continuity or a rupture. More than 25 artists of the beginning of the XXth century do honor to Rodin, between them the Spanish Julio Gónzalez, Pablo Picasso, Joseph Clará, Pablo Gargallo and Manuel Hugué “Manolo“.

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Infantile workshop on the exhibition of Kees Van Dogen in the Museum Picasso

workshop - infantil-kees-van-dogen

The Museum Picasso invites to take part of the infantile Workshop on the exhibition of artist Kees Van Dogen. The workshop will be a visit guided to the pictures of the exhibition, in which a guide will explain to the children the importance of the fauvismo and his relation with Pablo Picasso, our of Malaga painter.

The workshop is completed by the portrait skill so that you them sin realize your own works. The infantile workshop is faced to children from 6 to 12 years. The meetings are: on Sundays, the 28th of Junes, the 5th, the 12th and July 19, from 10:30 until 13:30.

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Artists coveted for the theft of works of art


Portrait of Pablo Picasso for Juan Gris

The works of art thefts are an outstanding figure in the art history, both of the fiction and of the reality. We have seen thousands of movies, read hundreds of history that narrate us the strategies applied in the thefts of works of art.

The relation art and theft is almost romantic, but very real: weeks ago again Picasso drawings were stolen of the museum Parisian namesake, deceiving the safety system. Let's see now the top 10 of artists coveted by the thieves:

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Museums of Madrid

If this summer you are of visit for Madrid, an unavoidable walk is the sight to the museums of Madrid. Between the principal museums of the city they are the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia, the Prado Museum, the Museum Sorolla and Thyssen Bornemisza.

In these places you will be able to enjoy the art history from the XIVth century up to the actuality, with special emphasis on the ancient and contemporary Spanish art. One of the works stars of Queen Sophia is the Gernika of Pablo Picasso, but also you will take a wide trip as the Spanish contemporary art.

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Spanish art in the auction of impressionistic and modern art of Christie's

On April 29 Christie's celebrates an auction of impressionistic and modern art in London, with more than 150 lots, between which we emphasize those of art espñaol, represented by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, José Luis Cuevas and Carlos Nadal.

The champion of José Luis Cuevas

Pen, black ink and watercolor on role
Signed and dated ‘Cuevas/24. VIII.73 ′
55.4 x 74.9cm
Starting price: 2.200 – 3.300 €

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Exhibition of Pablo Picasso in gallery Gagosian of New York

Mosqueteros is the name of the big exhibition that the gallery Gagosian of Manhattan celebrates these days in homage to Pablo Picasso.

What will we be able to see? The sample is a fruit of the work of the biography of the person from Malaga realized by John Richardson and there assembles the works of last years of Picasso, between 1962 and 1972, epoch in which he kept on exploring in the figure although the art was already changing course with the abstract art.

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Workshop Picasso with the biggest of Foundation Bancaja

The Foundation Bancaja will realize throughout 2009 a series of visits workshop on the of Malaga artist, called Picasso with the biggest.

The idea is to bring over the adults older than 55 years to the knowledge of the work of this Spanish artist, across the walk and work of the works of Picasso in the collección of the foundation. In the visits one will see obragá graphic, linograbados and more than 80 books on Picasso.

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Exhibition of artists' pets in Art Institute of Chicago

Self-portrait with monkey, 1940, Frida Kahlo

On January 7 there inaugurates in Art Institute of Chicago a sample articulated on the relation of the pets and the artists.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is assembled by a selection of artists' portraits of the XXth century and by his pets, to see the different forms in that the animals also have had his place in the art history. Pictures will be able to be seen like that of Frida Kahlo with his monkey or Pablo Picasso along with his dog. A curious artistic proposal that puts the focus on one very domestic point of the life of the art: the pets and the artists.

Place: Art Institute of Chicago, in 111 South Michigan Avenue, of Chicago. Opened to the public until next March 16.

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