Masterpieces, collection of Chema Madoz edited by The Factory

chema madoz

Masterpieces, it is the title d and the collection of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, edited by The Factory that will go out published in April, 2010.

The volume covers the Madoz trajectory, across his photos, which of particular form, have the power to change the objects into different others, almost for magic art.

The Madoz photo stands out for realizing portraits of daily objects, that positions in this special context of his look and the composition, seem to represent others. Madoz explains the procedure of his images to us: "At first the object was there and the work was purely photographic. But in the course of time I began making objects and the images adopt a more sculptural character, the installation begins being part of the work. The record is always photographic, but it seems to me that it is complicated“.

Without doubts a volume to have in the library and to know a little more the trajectory of one of the most important Spanish photographers of the moment.

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