VIII Provincial contest of Plastic Arts of Malaga


Until July 15, 2009 you have time to send your work for VIII Provincial Contest of Plastic Arts of Malaga, contest organized by Association of Artists Plásticos (APLAMA).

The chosen ones will take part of an exhibition in the head office of the delegation, which works will be selected for the buy bag by 12.000 €.

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I walk along the Prado Museum

Across Google Earth you can give a virtual walk along the principal works of the Prado Museum, one of the most important museums in Madrid.

From application, you can visit 12 works of art of Velázquez, Rubens, Francisco de Goya and Rembrant, all to a resolution of 14.000 megapixels and reconstructed from thousands of photos.

In the video, a summary of what is the virtual walk along the collection of the Prado Museum, in addition to the possibility of seeing the museum in three dimensions.

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5 art thefts more famous persons of the XXth century

Increasingly the art is an object of desire of the thieves and last century undoubtedly has been one of those of major movement as for theft.

Here a special one of Discovery Channel in which one inspects of the 5 most important thefts of last century, heading the list we have to the picture of La Mona Lisa, stolen in 1911, in a crafty trick for the others and under protection of the safety absence of the epoch.

4 remaining thefts, one of them The Scream of Munch, were realized in the 90s and with an astuteness worthy of the best movies, in many cases.

The FBI asks the cuidadanos for help to know the original property of works of art

Head of woman, the Picasso found in the collection

Very well, the roll one comes complex so we begin for the beginning: in 2006 a person died in New York, in whose apartment found a vast art collection that was including works of Pablo Picasso, John Singleton Copley, Alberto Giacometti, Giorgio Morandi or Eugene Boudin, between others.

On not having had heir, the works went to auction but after the investigation realized by the FBI, it is presumed that the works of art had been stolen and acquired by this collector. Now the challenge of the FBI is to determine the original property of these works, for it it has hung of his web the works so that the proprietors identify them.

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Exhibition of the trip of the works stolen from the Jews during the Nazism

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, of Klimt

The destination of the works of art that the Nazism stole or confiscated the Jews is the whole chapter of the art history, even to inspired from movies, novels up to a good episode of The Simpson, the animated series.

The Jewish Museum of Berlin receives the exhibition Theft and Restitution. The cultural goods of the Jews from 1933 until today, in that one tries to report the trip of expropriation and destination of the works that were a property of Jewish families.

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Love is in the air”, exhibition in National Gallery

We … of David Hockney

The love, or at least his representation, there is appointment in National Gallery of London with an exhibition that tries to include this feeling in the work artists' of the XVth century to our days.

The sample assembles 30 works of the most diverse nature, like so that you have an idea from Rafael up to Yoko Ono, with the representation of a feeling that has been the muse of the excellent art.

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Auctions of Bacon, Murakami, Klein and Rauschenberg in Sotheby's

The market of the art gave the note again opposite to the financial crisis. Last week there was celebrated big auction of Sotheby's and Christie's, of which we already raise some of the millionaire numbers of auction like that of Lucian Freud and Mark Rothko. Let's see other records of the auctions of Sotheby's New York:

Triptych, of Francis Bacon


Auction: 55, 8 million euros, it turns it into the most expensive work of an artist of postwar period, desbarrancando to Center Blanco de Rothko

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A Monet and a Cezanne stole an antiquarian parisimo


Work of Cezanne

The theft of the pictures of Monet and Cezanne (still not published his qualifications) took place on Sunday dawn, when 5 men entered the department of an antiquarian parisimo. In whole there took 12 pictures, between which there would be the works of these modern painters, valued for several million euros.

These first months of 2008 did we already take several thefts of art, where also Monet and Cezanne were the coveted pieces, as what always if about art thefts we speak, the thieves who at least are well glad, no?

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