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Biography of Cirilo Martínez Novillo, Spanish painter


Photo: Raúl Cancio

This Spanish painter belonged to the School of Madrid, group that not only based on his moral attitude, but on the recovery “of the formal values of the historical avant-garde”, and also one related it esthetically to the Second School of Vallecas. He was born in Vallecas, Madrid, in 1921 and died last year, July 15.

Cirilo Martínez Novillo is one of the fundamental artists of the Spanish figurative painting of the modernity. He could develop a very personal language, in which imagining and abstraction makes a mistake.

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I fell down Guo-Qiang: Inopportune, work of the exhibition I Want to Believe

I want to Believe it is the title of the exhibition of the Chinese artist I fell down guo-Qiang that you can see in the Museum Guggeneheim Bilbao until next September 6.

Throughout all this time we have seen one to one the works of the exhibition, across the videos in which the proper artist reports to us the conception that hides in each of them. Today it is the Inopportune shift of the installation, which assembly we have already seen in video.

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Biography of Cecilio Pla and Graceful, Spanish painter


Cecilio Pla and Graceful he was born in Valencia in 1860 and died in Madrid in 1934. He formed in the Academy of San Carlos of his hometown and in the Academy of San Fernando of the Spanish capital. Also, he was a disciple of Emilio Sala.

In 1880 he went away to live to Rome, and also he traveled round the rest of Italy, France and Portugal. From Italy he sent works to take part in the National Exhibitions of Fine arts, in which it took part from 1881 until the year of his death. Most of the works that it presented were of genre of local customs and manners - in that is observed the Fortuny influence - and with them it managed numerous awards.

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Biography of Pedro Sobrado, Spanish artist

attic 2007

It acts in acrylic on role, 2007

Pedro Sobrado is a Spanish artist who was born in Torrelavega, Cantabria, in the year 1936. Of self-educated formation, it did his first exhibition in Santander in 1959, in the South Gallery. Two years later it moved to Paris, where it remained to live until 1976, year in that returned to Spain.

In Paris it frequented the School of the Louvre, and later internalizing with the artistic currents of the moment, which led him towards the abstraction. In this style it was supported until 1968, year in which it returned to the imagining to remain definitely.

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Jackson Pollock, the movie

A few days ago, doing zapping, I gave with the movie of the life of artist Jackson Pollock, the creator of the action paiting, a slope of the abstract art that heightens the abstract expressionism across the color.

Pollock, the movie narrates 12 years of the life of the American artist, where focus is done to his search up to coming to the action paiting. The video rescues this scene in which Pollock discovers the dripping method, for a mere coincidence, when his brush gushes with the painting boat, being that he never believed in the coincidences.

Between other details of the movie the personal disorders, the alcoholism are his relation with his wife, the patronage of Peggy Guggenheim, his hate for of Kooning. A movie without pierde for those who love the abstract art.

I fell down Guo-Qiang: Straight ahead, it works in the exhibition of the Guggenheim Bilbao

I fell down Guo-Qiang is present in the Guggenheim Bilbao with his exhibition I want to Believe, a retrospective that Chinese brings over to us to the creative universe of one of the artists more important contemporaries.

To understand what are the keys of the contemporary art of Guo-Qiang, the museum has realized a series of videos in which the proper Chinese artist is introducing us in his works. Here the video of the installation Straight ahead, work realized in 2004 for the Guggenheim Berlin, in which it celebrates the history of the Berlin people.

I want to Believe Bilbao can be visited until next September 6 in the Guggenheim.

Vincent Van Gogh for Childish prank Nui

Before so many world paranoia for the porcine flu and the world crisis, here a breather of the hand of Childish prank Nui, who offers us an entertaining version of the life of the painter Vincent Van Gogh.

A few terapeúticas laughs begin!

The penetrated ones of Santiago Sierra (images)

The first act: 10 men of white race penetrated 10 women of white race.

We surprised Santiago Sierra to beginning of this year with a work of powerful contemporary art: I am speaking about The penetrated ones, which were exhibited in January in gallery Helga de Alvear.

The work was a video of 45 minutes split into 10 acts, which shows all the possible forms of the anal sex between men and women of white and black race. The work was labeled by the conventional means like provocation, pornography, theatricality and disobedience, but the work of Saw does not stay there in these gradilocuentes words.

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Monographic course on the work of John Cage in the MACBA

Owing to the exhibition John Cage and the experimental art. The lawlessness of the silence, which will be inaugurated in autumn in the MaCBA, will realize a monographic course on his work. The course will begin on April 20 and the squares are limited.

The program understands:

On Monday, the 20th of April, the 19th hours
Imaginary sceneries for the music
This meeting presents to itself like a general introduction John Cage and way in which from his first works it knocks down the musical building. It will be attended in this sense to his works for percussion, to the introduction of new technologies, to his idea of the duration and to the invention of the toilet gong and of the prepared piano.

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How was the exhibition of Cai Guo-Qiang mounted?

The exhibition I Want to Believe of the Chinese artist I fell down Guo-Qiang has been the whole deployment of machinery and human resources. In addition to his complex character as for subject-matter, in this video you will be able to see the Inopportune assembly of the work: Phase one, 2004.

It is the same work installation composed by real motorcars hung by a set of sure supports, which do of the installation something very spectacular to the look.

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