Sculptures and paintings of Manolo Valdés to exhibition in gallery Marlborough

Woman with fan I, 2006, particular Collection

Sculptures and Pinturas is the explanatory proposal of Manolo Valdés who will be inaugurated on February 12 in the gallery Marlborough.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is assembled by the recent work of the Spanish artist, with 15 sculptures (6 of them of big format) and 3 oils on burlap of big dimensions.

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Exhibition of Salustiano's portraits in gallery C5 Collection

This equation does a noise similar to that of the rain there is the sugerente title of the exhibition of the Sevillian artist Salustiano in gallery 5C a Collection.

What will we be able to see? The recent work of Salustiano assembles the sample, it marks for an exaltation of the portrait in funds of round outlines, mostly, and chromatic, of flat colors.

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Trip to stranger, exhibition of Juan Ugalde in Alcala 31

Zen picture

Juan Ugalde. Trip to the unknown thing is the first one of a series of exhibitions devoted to artists of Madrid that you can visit in the center Alcala 31.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles works of ‘80 and recent work of Ugalde, where it is possible to do a chronological trip of his trajectory, as well as to oppose the evolution of the artist. For example, the assembly of the series Cardboards demonstrates the technical changes of his work.

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Exhibition of Antoni Tàpies in gallery Soledad Lorenzo

Ulls i Jeroglifics

Next December 13 Antoni Tàpies is 85 years and they are celebrated with an exhibition in the gallery by Soledad Lorenzo that you can visit from yesterday.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a selection of recent works, in which there is the persistent trace of the style of this big Catalan artist, with predominance of red, black, ocres and gray.

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José Manuel Broto exhibits his recent work in gallery Alfredo Viñas

Until October 31 you have time to visit in the gallery Alfredo Viñas, the exhibition of José Manuel Broto, the artist of Saragossa.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 10 pictures, realized in acrylic in different formats, which shape the recent Broto production.

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Fernando Sánchez Castillo exhibits his recent work in the gallery Juan Silió

Until October 14 we will be able to visit the exhibition of artist Fernando Sánchez Castillo in the gallery Juan Silió.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by the recent work of the artist of Madrid, taken shape of sculptures, videos and drawings that try to reflect and open ways in the relation art and power.

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Exhibition of the recent work of Ramón Canet in Juan Silió

Without title, 2002

The gallery Juan Silió invites us to visit the exhibition of the Balearic artist Ramón Canet, to whom for the first they dedicate a sample.

Recognized like an abstract artist, the Canet sample gathers for a set of pictures composed in abstract geometry and expressionist, in whom they predominate over the target, the black, the red and yellow one.

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"More or less", exhibition of paintings of Manuel Moldes in SCQ

From yesterday it is possible to visit in the gallery SCQ the exhibition of Manuel Moldes, one of the artists involved in the Galician artistic panorama.

Under the title + or – more or less, we will be able to see a set of recent works in which the painter leaves the color, and the black and gray targets prevail in the whole series. It is a question of a set of works of different formats, realized in linen and in role.

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Exhibition of illustration pop and naïf of Santi Jiménez in gallery L'Algepsar


Until June 28 you can visit the exhibition Before you see me of the Galician graphic artist, Santi Jiménez. In this sample, Jiménez reflects on copper the speech mercantilist and advertizing, across a series of works of style pop and naïf.

Every piece raised by the graphic artist feeds on the language icónico of the society mediática and incorporates ingredients of the code of the movies, the television, the cómic or the publicity to reflect about these practices.

It is a direct look that it transforms in representation ironic of proper code icónico social that commercializes the represented object and transmutes it into mere economic reflex. The appointment is in the gallery L'Algepsar, located in Asensi 4, Pasatge Diago of Castelló.

“Chance“, photographic exhibition of Javier Vallhonrat


The photographer of Madrid Javier Vallhonrat is exhibiting his series of photos Perhaps in the Room Channel of Elizabeth II. The sample assembles 31 panoramas that tackle the concept of place as key element of the photographic narrative.

Most of the images that will be seen are unpublished and they close thus 4 years of work of one of the most promising photographers of our country. The look of Vallhonrat and his construction of the "space" demonstrate a particular poetic art, of sometimes melancholic, of sometimes ironic and biting.

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