Retrospective of Richard Rogers in CaixaForum Madrid

The first retrospective of the architectural work of Richard Rogers in Spain you will be able to see until next October 18 in CaixaForum Madrid.

The sample is a wide trip for the architecture of Rogers, catalogued like the humanist architect, for his belief in the civil society and his relation with the space like construction for social inclusion.

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Mona Lisa Rusa

The Gioconda or Mona Lisa is perhaps the most well-known woman of the art and since Leonardo da Vinci painted it it has been an object of the strangest parodies and imitations.

Here my last discovery: the Grodno firemen, take care of Russia, they have realized a painting on a building in which there appears in the red box a Russian Mona Lisa, dressed in the uniform of the Russian army, and for his face it seems that he likes his new work. After the more, the photo of the detail.

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Abraham Lacalle: exhibition Noises in gallery Marlborough

Noises I

Ruidos is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish artist, Abraham Lacalle, which you will be able to visit in gallery Marlborough of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 11 works in small format, principally watercolors, which show us the chromatic Lacalle sumptuousness.

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Exhibition of Pablo Picasso in gallery Gagosian of New York

Mosqueteros is the name of the big exhibition that the gallery Gagosian of Manhattan celebrates these days in homage to Pablo Picasso.

What will we be able to see? The sample is a fruit of the work of the biography of the person from Malaga realized by John Richardson and there assembles the works of last years of Picasso, between 1962 and 1972, epoch in which he kept on exploring in the figure although the art was already changing course with the abstract art.

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Exhibition of Fernando Zóbel in the Spanish Abstract Art museum of Cuenca

Transparent rose, 1964

Fernando Zóbel: to travel, to draw, to do is the title of the exhibition homage to the Spanish painter that you can see the Spanish Abstract Art museum of Cuenca, owing to 25 anniversary of his death.

What will we be able to see? The sample Juan de March gathers texts and paintings of the collection of the Foundation, as well as of other collections, with the edition of 10 chosen facsimiles of between more than hundred thirty notebooks of notes and drawings of Fernando Zóbel. In entire sound 1.500 copies without numbering, with images of places that the artist discovered in his trips all over the world and in Cuenca.

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The image of the world, photo of Luis González Palma in the auction of Christie's

Give birth to it to him to the Sotheby's auction, the room Christie's realizes a photo auction on March 31 with many of the famous photographers of the XXth century and the best contemporaries. Hory we rescue the lot of the Guatemalan photographer José González Palma, one of the big Latin-American artists:

The image of the world, 1998

Photo painted to hand of silver gelatine with the construction of collage
Dating and signed in the reverse; it is the number 5 of an edition of 10
60 x 197 cm
Starting price: 8.800 – 11.000 €

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Street View: he compares English sceneries and paintings

A project as a whole between Tate Gallery of London and the service Street View of Google will allow to the Net users to compare English sceneries with the paintings of classic artists like Turner, Reynolds or Constable.

To achieve this target, Street View will compile images of 36.000 km of highways and streets of many cities of the United Kingdom, including to almost the whole London, across motorcars with cameras of 360th. The role of the Tate will consist in accompanying the images received with works of his collection, fusing art and new technologies.

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Retrospective of Andy Warhol in Grand Palais of Paris

The big world of Andy Warhol is the title of the retrospective of the father of pop art that you will be able to visit in parís Grand Palais.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of 150 portraits realized by Warhol along his career, in which they stand out the outstanding figure of Marilyn Monroe or Mao.

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Block escriu, folder on Antoni Tàpies

Block escriu it is a book - folder that was published in December, owing to 85 years of birth of Antoni Tàpies.

The book is a bibliophile's edition of 99 copies, with texts of writer D. Sam Abrams with the same title and a selection of texts of seven books written by Antoni Tàpies. The illustration is in charge of Manel Esclusa, Joan Fontcuberta, Pere Formiguera, Antoni Llena, Soledad Sevilla y Eulàlia Valldosera, with a whole of 6 works.

Without doubts a work for the lovers of the art of Tàpies, where they can find more tones of the creative world of the Spanish artist. Block escriu it is possible to acquire across Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

Exhibition of Latin-American artists on the memory in House America

Photo of artist Dulce Pinzón

I return. Latin American art and memory is the title of the exhibition of 14 artists of 5 countries of Latin America that you will be able to visit in House America.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles pieces in diverse supports that try to do a revision of the memory between 3 axes: the time, the experience and the context.

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