Photos of Nobuyoshi Araki the photographers' auction of Christie's

On November 20 Christie's London realizes an auction of contemporary photographers in whom we spend critique of the images of Nobuyoshi Araki, one of the Japanese artists that more we like, let's see his works:

Without title of ‘6×7 Hangeki’ [6x7 Shooting Back]

Impression cromogénica
Signed in the reverse, executed in 2007
59 x 46.5cm
Starting price: 3.500 – 5.800 euros

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Gallery of works of Nobuyoshi Araki

Photo of 1993. Nobuyoshi Araki.

Photo of the year 1993. Nobuyoshi Araki.

We already saw in the biography of the Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki a video with some of his original works.

The rupture with the traditional photo, the use of eroticism and the elegance of his photographic productions, there are some of the basic aspects of this provocative author.

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Biography of Nobuyoshi Araki


Nobuyoshi Araki is a born Japanese artist in the year 1940. Nobuyoshi studied photo studies, before beginning to be employed at an advertizing agency.

His work is centred on the photo. The impactantes works of this Japanese photographer do not make anybody indifferent.

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