Unpublished images of Luis Buñuel in the House of America


The House of America in Madrid will produce a homage to the big Spanish film maker Luis Buñuel offering to the public an exhibition that 82 unpublished images of the artist. We will be able to see images of the parents and wife of the artist as well as in company of other big and inseparable friends, Salvador Dalí and Federico Gracia Lorca.

Photographic album of the family Buñuel” will be able to be seen until the next day 25/10, in the street Marquess of the Duero, 2. From Monday until Saturday, from 11 to 20 h; On Sundays and festive, from 11. until 15 hs free.

Museum of Wax in support to candidacy of Madrid to the Olympics 2016

museum - de-cera

Do you dream of finding the big stars of the current sport? The Museum of Wax of Madrid can realize your sleep. That because today, on September 25, the reproductions of Pau Gasol, Iker Casillas, Fernanda Alonso, Ángel Nieto, Rafa Nadal and other sports monsters will be exhibited in the courtyard of access to the museum, from 10 a.m. hs.

The public act is in support to candidacy of Madrid like a head office of the Olympic Games 2016. Nobody better than our big athletes to encourage a positive answer, although they are done of wax.

The Museum of Wax is located in Walk Recluses, 41 – Madrid.

Pau Gasol, Iker Casillas, Fernanda Alonso, Ángel Nieto, Rafa Nadal

The first photos in the Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao


The lovers of the photo will be able to know 47 snapshots taken between 1852 and 1913 done by decisive names for the history of the photo like count Olympe Aguado, Edouard-Denis Baldus, Adolphe Braun, Félix Bonfils and Robert Burrows, between others.

The works belong to the collection Ordoñez-Falcón, one of the most excellent private compilations of the international ambience, and they will be in the Museum of Fine arts of Bilbao during the next five years.

The Fine arts of Bilbao Museum is in the Square, 2.

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Exhibition of Spanish sculpture in Segovia


Next September 30, the Contemporary Art museum Esteban Vicente opens the doors for for a new exhibition dedicated exclusively to the contemporary sculpture, for the purpose of discussing the situation of the sculpture of last decade.

The kingdom of the silences. Current Spanish sculpture between the object and the absence 2000-2010”, it will rely on with a whole of 37 works of 14 artists.

The museum is in the Small square of the Fine arts s/n, Segovia and it will be able to be visited until February 21, 2010.

Programming Museum of the National library – octubre/2009


On Sundays, the 4th, the 11th, the 18th and 25

Cycle Piece of the Month

Presentation in shop window of the piece of October: Philharmonic game to compose minuets with his trios for fortepiano, for the luck of the dice, of Franz Joseph Haydn. In the bicentenary of the death of the musician.

On Thursday, the 29th

Piece of the Month confers

It confers on the October piece: Philharmonic game to compose minuets for the luck of the dice, of Franz Joseph Haydn, in charge of José Carlos Gosálvez Lara and Elizabeth Lozano Martínez, the Department of Music and Audio-visual of the National library.

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It photographs: Exhibition Ways of Iron in the Museum of the Railroad


The Foundation of the Spanish Railroads exhibits in the Museum of the Railroad, the anthological exhibition of the photographic contest “Ways of Iron” that it assembles, the first awards from 1986 until 2009, a whole of 75 works.

The contest that began in 1986 has the target to encourage the creativity in the ambience of the railroad in all his aspects (trains, travelers, stations, routes, bridges, tunnels, urban, inter-city and metropolitan transport).

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Exhibition Chillida-Hernani 1951-1957 in The House of Culture Biteri


The exhibition “Chillida Hernani 1951-1957” tackles a fundamental period of time in the artistic trajectory of the sculptor and tries to announce the importance that Hernani had in his creative process.

The exhibition consists of 43 photographic panels that narrate the relevancy of this period. The discovery of the iron, the achievement of the first public works, his interest in the music and his obsession to receive the space are some of the topics treated in the sample.

The sample will be able to be seen in The House of Culture Biteri, located in the Building Biteri, Nafar kalea, until October 30.

In the night in the White 2009


In his 4th edition, the Night in Target one already turned into an almost obligatory appointment all those citizens who look for an original proposal that he allows us to breathe a little of plow cultural of Madrid that not for never.

The event that account was created in Paris in 2002 with followers in the whole world. Nothing better than the art in crisis times to be sick a little of happiness to our lives.

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“The shoes” of Vincent Van Gogh gain exclusive exhibition

vthey go - gogh-shoes

There exist many artists who have his work exhibited in diverse samples, but perhaps only Vicent Van Gogh achieved an entire exhibition for the only picture of his. The picture is “the shoes” in question and after years of discussions it keeps on being one of the most mysterious works in the world of the art.

Expert in art and philosophers they debate the origin of the shoes, his proprietor and the intentions of the artist with the painting. Some say that he wanted to paint the portrait of the effort of a rural worker, others say that the identical shoes belonged to an urban citizen and there is those who said that the shoes do not form a pair since they are different one of other.

The exhibition of only one picture starts tomorrow in Wallraf Richartz Museum of Cologne, in Germany.

Tears of Eros, eroticism in the Museum Thyssen and Foundation Box Madrid


The last book of the French writer Georges Bataille serves of name for the next exhibition organized by the Museum Thyssen and the Foundation Box Madrid that – inspired in some of his ideas of eroticism – presents an exhibition with a considerable sensuality load and that discusses the identification of the erotic one with the prohibited thing, with the transgressor and the religious sacrilege.

Tears of Eros it has everything: the masculine look and the feminine one, the hetero and the homo, the voyeurismo and exhibitionism, the bondage and the sadomasochism, the diverse fetishisms, etc.

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