5 museums of Madrid to visit


If you think to visit Madrid in what it stays of this summer, here we offer you a mini handlebar of 5 museums that you have to visit before going away of the city.

Since you know, Madrid is a city where the cultural offer is wide and the attractions are not missing to do of your holidays an agreeable memory.

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Sorolla in Prado Museum: works of the exhibition

Without doubts, the retrospective of the work of Joaquín Sorolla is the most important exhibition of the Spanish art this summer.

Here a trip for some of 102 works that are seen in the Prado Museum, a sample without pierde to meet some of the cardinal painters of Spain.

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Sorolla in the Prado Museum

After the bath

Finally on Monday there will inaugurate in the Prado Museum the exhibition Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923), the biggest sample devoted to the Spanish artist of the XIXth century.

The exhibition will be provided with 102 of works, between them 14 panels realized for Hispanic Society of America, and pictures like Portrait of Benito Pérez Galdós, Garden of the house of Sorolla, Ex-vote or The networks.

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Museums of Madrid

If this summer you are of visit for Madrid, an unavoidable walk is the sight to the museums of Madrid. Between the principal museums of the city they are the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia, the Prado Museum, the Museum Sorolla and Thyssen Bornemisza.

In these places you will be able to enjoy the art history from the XIVth century up to the actuality, with special emphasis on the ancient and contemporary Spanish art. One of the works stars of Queen Sophia is the Gernika of Pablo Picasso, but also you will take a wide trip as the Spanish contemporary art.

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Exhibition of Victorian painting in the Prado Museum

The ardent June sun. Frederic, Lord Leighton

Oil on linen, 119 x 119 cm. Saint John of Puerto Rico, Art museum of Ponce

The beautiful sleeping one. Victorian painting of Art of Ponce is the title of the exhibition on Victorian painting that you will be able to visit in the Prado Museum.

What will we be able to see? The sample is composed by 17 works, between which 10 paintings and 7 studies are counted on role of the English painting of the XIXth century. Also oils of John E will be exhibited. Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Thomas Seddon and William Holman Hunt proceeding from the Art museum of Ponce of Puerto Rico.

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Movies on artist Francis Bacon

Scene of An Andalusian dog of Buñel, one of the movies of the cycle

In the frame of the big retrospective that the Prado Museum realizes on the figure of Francis Bacon, there will take place a cycle of movies that honors the artist dublinés in the centenary of his birth.

The meetings of the cycle of movies will begin in February 28 and the value of the entry is 3 euros for meeting. The movies program is the following one:

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Francis Bacon in the Prado Museum

On February 3 Francis Bacon will inaugurate in the Prado Museum the retrospective, the biggest exhibition realized in our country on the artist dublinés.

What will we be able to see? The sample is composed by 60 paintings, between them a triptych of 1984 that was not seen in the exhibition of London, it will not even be seen in that of New York, which is the next scale of the retrospective.

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I walk along the Prado Museum

Across Google Earth you can give a virtual walk along the principal works of the Prado Museum, one of the most important museums in Madrid.

From application, you can visit 12 works of art of Velázquez, Rubens, Francisco de Goya and Rembrant, all to a resolution of 14.000 megapixels and reconstructed from thousands of photos.

In the video, a summary of what is the virtual walk along the collection of the Prado Museum, in addition to the possibility of seeing the museum in three dimensions.

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Works of Francis Bacon

To little less than one month of the opening of the big star of the artistic year of Madrid, a glance of some works of Francis Bacon.

Since you know, on February 3 there will do foot in the Prado Museum the big retrospective of the work of Bacon, with more than 70 works that will produce homage to the birth of the artist famous persons for his visceral portraits.

From here a window to his work and the genius of his painting, which without doubts is one of the best pieces of the contemporary art.

Exhibitions agenda 2009 in Spanish museums

Portrait of the Pope Inocencio X of Francis Bacon

2009 will start with an explanatory variety for all the tastes, since some museums as Queen Sophia, Prado Museum and Thyssen Bornemisza have already moved forward his programming that includes contemporary art and modern art.

  • On February 3 there will be inaugurated in the Prado Museum of Madrid the retrospective devoted to Francis Bacon with 70 works that will produce homage to the anniversary of birth of the artist. For May, there is had programmed the opening of the biggest retrospective of the work of Joaquín Sorolla, with more than 100 pictures, between which there stand out 14 panels of the Vision of Spain.

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