More contemporary art in Arch 2009

Mirror, of Julia Fullerton-Batten

Without doubts, beyond the crisis, a contemporary art fair is always a safe occasion to enjoy the art, because it turns out to be great and of good quality.

If you could not have gone to Arch 2009, here we offer you a paneo of the artists that more we liked of this edition, like the photo of Julia Fullerton - Batten (that illustrates this note), that there was in the stand of the gallery Dark Chamber, which there exhibited big artists as Ellen Kooi (our favorite) and Carlos Cid.

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Exhibition of art online in gallery Support staff

Ensoñación marinates, acts of artist Andrea Albalia

The gallery Support staff of Madrid has in exhibition the sample that réune to 20 taking part artists of the contest of art online of the social network Yuglo.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of 20 works of 20 artists who have been chosen by the users of the social network between more than 1.600 authors. The works are in painting, mixed skill, digital art and printing and engraving.

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Applause, work of Antoni Muntadas

In last September Palazio Sant’ Elia de Palermo dedicated an exhibition to the Spanish art, in which we emphasize the work Applause of Antoni Muntadas.

Since you know, Muntadas is one of the Spanish artists precursors in the average art, with a wide trajectory and a critical look to our time from the contemporary art.

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Gallery of works of Francisco Ruiz of Infante

The simple things. 1993. Francisco Ruiz of Infante.

The simple things. 2001. Francisco Ruiz of Infante.

Francisco Ruiz of Infante is a born Spanish videoartista in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the year 1966. It is Licensed in painting and audio-visual for the faculty of Fine arts of the Basque Country. At present it resides in abroad.

In his work it resorts in numerous occasions to the memories and the world of the infancy. His first work in the field of video was The simple things, a videocreación that treats on the lost memory. This video is provided with numerous mentions and awards in several International movies Festivals.

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Biography of Daniel García Andújar

Daniel G. Andújar

Daniel G. Andújar

Daniel García Andújar is a born multimedia Spanish artist in Almoradí in the year 1966; at present he lives in Barcelona. His work is focused on the field of the videoarte and of net art and the beginning of his artistic trajectory are located at the end of the eighties.

The acidic and ironic criticism that questions the information society is one of the components that normally it presents in his productions. The reflection on the use of the technology and the recycling of computers also usually appears in his works.

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I plan in the network of Antoni Abad: "Z"

Flies. Project Z. Antoni Abbot.

Flies. Project Z. Antoni Abbot.

With the name of Z, the Catalan artist Antoni Abad presented in the year 1999 a project for the creation of a network of communication.

It was a question of a computer program in which each one can become a user of Z. A fly is the icon of Z, and the idea is that these genetically only “” flies propagen to will of the user for the network.

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Contemporary art new technologies

Further away. Santiago Cortada.

Further away. Digital art. Santiago Cortada.

Less distances exist every day between the art and the new technologies. At present there are numerous the authors who decide to make use of a technological, digital or electronic way in his artistic productions.

The art is adapting itself to the new needs, and the artists propose to incorporate new work hardware in his creations. The art adapts itself to the current society, contemporanizándose and assuming new ways of interpreting the art.

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The New Normal”, multidisciplinary exhibition on the intimacy

Fragment of Home Video II. 2007., of Kota Ezawa

The Center of Contemporary art Huarte has in exhibition the sample Normal The New, a collective explanatory project that assembles 13 artists and cultural investigators who investigate about the privacy and the handling of the personal information at present.

The exhibition is composed by 13 works, which from the video, the virtual installation and the role, question or put in dialogue the transmission of information, the protection of the personal information, the legal and public uses of the same one.

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Digital art of Tony Ariawan

Every so much small jewels are in the world of the art. Today it is the case of the artist of the design and 3D Tony Ariawan.

The images that Ariawan creates are digital drawings that it mounts in programs of design and finishing touch of photos, but where the final work is alike art done with bundles of light or but look at the beauty of this woman of fire, my favorite.

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“Metamorphosis“, project of contemporary art to take control of the Palace of the Mosquera

Metamorphosis is the name of the explanatory project that will receive the Palace of sand Mosquera of San Pedro in Avila from Saturday, the 9th and of the one that there will inform 32 contemporary, so much Spanish artists, like guests of Argentina, South Korea, France, Peru and Russia.

The appointment promises facilities, videoarte, virtual poetry comes up art, performance, land art, sculpture, engraving, photo and pictorial interventions in the spaces and building of the Palace of the Mosquera that are not rehabilitated.

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