Maria Blanchard y Josep Guinovart in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

We continue with the lots only one, this time for two: an oil of Maria Blanchard and a picture in mixed skill of Josep Guinovart, both pieces with which these artists take part in the big auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid, which will be October 2 in Westin Palace.

Of Blanchard we have HIM DÉJEUNER

Signed áng. inf. izq: M.Blanchard
Oil on linen
65 x 46 cm
Painting towards 1919-20
Origin: Collection Ann Gutiérrez Blanchard
Starting price: € 100.000 – € 150.000

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Advance of the auction V anniversary of Christiés Madrid

On October 2 the division of Madrid of Christie's celebrates his 5 years of life in the country with an auction that promises to mark milestones in the Spanish art. The lot covers with stars The Cat is Rosa de Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, whose estimation is placed between the 1,5 to 2 million euros.

The lots of this annual auction will be of ancient painting, painting of the XIXth century, impressionism and Spanish contemporary art.

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Group Escuela de París, from Picasso I even Fixed


The School of Paris or School of Buridám, it is the name that has been given to a group of teachers and teachers of the University of Paris of the XIVth century, who were hard influenced by the nominalism of Guillermo de Occam and by Santo Tomás de Aquino and Juan Escoto Erigena.

This is the real School of Paris, the original for saying it otherwise, although also the developed one has been named thus at the beginning of the XXth century, for a group of Spanish artists taken root in France, which do not form a homogeneous group on not having coincided with the time.

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“Art XX”, exhibition that he revises to the best artists of last century


Work of Miquel Barceló

Art XX is the name of this exhibition that assembles works of the cardinal artists of last century and that will be able to be visited until March 2 in the Museum of Bilbao.

The funds of the sample belong to an anonymous collector and it assembles 63 works, between 48 paintings and 15 sculptures of 46 authors like Sorolla, Nonell, Kandinsky, Torres García, Julio González, Picabia, Klee, Picasso, Blanchard, Gleizes, Léger, Braque, Metzinger, Gray, Sun porch, Chagall, Of Chirico, Ernst, Looked, Dalí, Domínguez, Palazuelo, Block, Chillida, Thousands, Saura, Gordillo, Serra, Cragg, Navarrese, Kapoor and Barceló, between others.

The funds of this collection will stay to care of the museum for 5 years, but we do not know if again an exhibition will be realized. For those who want to do the visit they can do it from Tuesday until Sunday from 10 to 20 hs, in Museum Square 2 of Bilbao. The value of the entry is 5 euros.

Maria Blanchard in Castilian You Auction

A very good piece of Maria Blanchard is auctioned next June 28 in the Extraordinary Auction that presents Castilian Auctions.

The piece, títulada “Jeune Fille lisant” and with certificate of Dª Liliane Caffin Madaule the house of Madrid of auctions has a starting price of 60.000€ that is already covered as Indian web route.

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