Dorothea Lange: photos retrospective in Museum Collections ICO


Skid Row, San Francisco, California, 1937

The photographer Dorothea Lange is the object of the exhibition of photo that you can visit in the Museum Collections ICO of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles approximately 140 emblematic snapshots of the American photographer, known for painting the portrait in the 30s and 40s of the Big Depression in the United States. Between the most important photos, The mother finds the portrait migrant, the picture of a hard-working woman.

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Madrid Procesos09

AVAM, Artists Visuales Asociados of Madrid, summons a contest for the selection of artistic projects inscribed in Madrid Processes 09.

In whole 4 projects will be chosen, to be realized in the Community of Madrid and in Berlin, the term for the delivery of the taking part projects is May 16.

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Cultural route of the exploit of May 2 in Madrid

If you walk of visit on Madrid, you cannot allow knowing the heroic exploit of the people of Madrid on May 2, 1808 against Napoléon's troops, that last year celebrated his bicentenary.

To enjoy of this history, you can take the cultural route of May 2 in Madrid, which comprises a walk along the principal stages, like the Square of East, the Puerta del Sol, the Square of May 2, the Cemetery of the Florida, the Square of the Allegiance and the Museum of the Army.

In addition to knowing part of the history of Madrid, this cultural route allows us to know one of the emblematic quarters of the city like Stump, where you will be able to see another type of attractions, which are the inevitable appointment in the trip to Madrid.

Video of the exhibition of Manolo Valdés in gallery Marlborough

If you did not have time to visit the exhibition of Manolo Valdés in the gallery Marlborough of Madrid, here in this video you can enjoy (at least in deferred) the sample of one of the most important contemporary artists of the Spanish stage.

The exposed works were 15 sculptures (6 of them of big format) and 3 oils on burlap of big dimensions, which they return us in the style of Valdés, that there is employed the texture and the materials at his works.

Recounted: Arte10

Retrospective of Antonin Artaud in The Burning House

On April 3 there is inaugurated in The Burning House the exhibition Artaud, a proposal dedicated to the figure of one of the big thinkers of the XXth century, Antonin Artaud.

The sample gathers graphic work, cahiers, drawings, selection of photos, manuscripts and documents of Artaud, gathered of museums, private collections, institutions and the heirs of the actor.

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Fast Gallery, I project independent and itinerant contemporary art

As well the chronicler of The country was saying it, something more than the institutionalized culture moves in Madrid and example of it is the project artistic Fast Gallery, a gallery - project itinerant, daughter of the imagination of a group of five artists of Madrid.

Fast Gallery opens his doors until March 15 showing emergent artists of Madrid, with exhibition of works, movies projection, music, entertainment and drawing. The proposal has how title: Fast Gallery N 2 The terrible children.

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Exhibition of Latin-American artists on the memory in House America

Photo of artist Dulce Pinzón

I return. Latin American art and memory is the title of the exhibition of 14 artists of 5 countries of Latin America that you will be able to visit in House America.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles pieces in diverse supports that try to do a revision of the memory between 3 axes: the time, the experience and the context.

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IX photo award The Cultural one

The newspaper The Cultural one invites young artists to inform of IX photo Award The Cultural one. The term to deliver the works is even el24 of April.

The artists must be not major than 35 years and not have exhibited his work of individual form in a shopping center. The topic and the skill will be free. The award is 5.000 euros for the production of an individual exhibition in gallery Marta Cervera of Madrid, coinciding with PHotoEspaña.

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Exhibition of collages of Max Ernst in Foundation Mapfre

Down the title Joins Semaine de Bonte. Original collages you can visit in the rooms of the Foundation Mapfre of Madrid the sample of the German artist, Max Ernst.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition consists of the collages realized by Ernst for the novel - collage week of kindness or seven cardinal elements. In entire sound approximately 182 collages that the artist realized in 3 weeks of intense work for this piece.

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Cycle of videoinstalación Pierre Coulibeuf

Under the title Somewhere in between, we have the exhibition of the cycle of videoinstalación of Pierre Coulibeuf in the room A of The Burning House.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of 3 videoinstalaciones of this French creator: To Magnetic Space, defaulting Delectatio (Homage to Pierre Klossowski) and Somewhere in between, which bring together in his language projection in 35mm, it photographs and videoinstalación.

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