Balclis Mini, auction of art 2009

Next July 15 and 16 Balclis it realizes two meetings of the auction of art and furniture Balclis Mini, whose target is to offer works of art, furniture, objects and jewels at very accessible prices, from 100 €.

In this auction you will be able to find more than 1300 lots, between paintings, antiquities, furniture and jewels, without suda an exceptional appointment to acquire some valued article. We have selected some works of the present Spanish contemporary artists in the auction, as:

Hats, of Eduardo Úrculo


It lithographs of 56×46 cm
Signed and numbered 39/75, dated in 1994
Starting price: 175 €

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Spanish art in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

We already dedicate an exclusive entry to the work of Antoni Tàpies, the Spanish artist with more works in the Sotheby's auction, now it is the moment to see the work of other contemporary Spanish artists who also are present in the auction of contemporary art that will be realized on June 26 in London:

Homage to Saint John of the Cross, for Eduardo Chillida

homage - chillida

23 for 20 cm
Ink and collage of role with chain
Signed, and the inscription with the monogram of the artist
Executed in 1991
Starting price: 26.000 – 33.000 €

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Big spring auction in Fernando Durán

On April 1 and 2 the auction house Fernando Durán will realize the Big spring Auction in which you will be able to find jewels, furnitures, objects of decoration, painting, graphic work and sculpture of Spanish and international artists, with a whole of 943 pieces.

Today will see some of the Spanish contemporary artists with his most out-standing lots:


Etching signed and numbered H.C. 11/15 to pencil
Measurements: 34 x 43 cm
Starting price: 450 €

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Spanish current art, exhibition in the Contemporary Art museum of Madrid

Sleep, for Félix Revello of Bull

Meetings with the Current Art. Painters and Spanish sculptors there is the title of the proposal that you can visit in the Contemporary Art museum of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition assembles more than 70 Spanish artists of last 50 years, like Antoni Tàpies, Luis Feito, Team Chronicle, for naming some. The exhibited works are paintings and sculptures.

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To trade you 2008, fair of antiquities and art in Madrid

From November 15 until November 23 IFEMA will lodge one more edition of Trading you, the excellent shop window of the art of antiquities and collecting in Madrid. The appointment number 32 of Trading you will assemble 170 galleries and antiquarians, Spanish and foreigners, about 18.000 pieces.

One will be able to see and to buy art of different epochs and styles, especially pieces of Art Noveau and Art Decó, like objects of decoration, mobiliriario, sculptures and paintings.

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Bores, Nadal and Feito in the auction of art of Sotheby's

We complete the most interesting Spanish lots of the auction of poetical and symbolic European art of Sotheby's (12-11 in London) with the works of Francisco Bores, Carlos Nadal and Luis Feito.

Of Bores we have fruits Inn

Oil s/lienzo
92 x 73 cm
Signed Bores 60, below to the left
Starting price: 18.300 – 30.500 euros

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N 133 and N 295, paintings of Luis Feito in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

The painter of Madrid Luis Feito is present in the auction of annual Spanish art of Christie's Madrid with two paintings in mixed skill.

N. 133

Signed áng. inf. izq: FEITO
Alumnus, dating and registered person in the reverse:-133-FEITO / 1959/base
Mixed skill on linen
89 x 116 cm
Identical with 1959
Origin: Private collection, Madrid
Starting price: 35.000 – 55.000 euros

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Biography of Luis Feito

It acts “219 ″

Luis Feito López was born in Madrid on October 31, 1929. He formed in the School of Fine arts of San Fernando, where it entered in 1950.

Four years later it carried out his first individual exhibition, in the Gallery Buchholz, of his hometown; also it exhibited, in the same city, in the Gallery Santa Fe.

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Works of Tápies and Luis Feito to auction in Sotheby`s

Sotheby`s it is prepared for a very interesting auction of contemporary works of art next 26th and 27th of May in his head office of Paris and between them we find works of Antoni Tápies and Luis Feito, which we will show them next.

Negre I I Smelled
Lot: 40
Mixed skill
Measurements: 195.5×146.5 cm
Evaluation: 120.000 – 180.000 EUR

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The Spanish Unformalism: principal exponents


Gray with two forms. Antoni Tápies

The Unformalism is a current that arises in France and then it would spread over the whole Europe, exercising a very strong influence in Spain. The diverse theories existentialists that Jean Paul Sartre and Martín Heidegger raised, highlighting the finished freedom of the artist to express his experiences and emotions would revolutionize the art in the middle of the XXth century.

This pictorial movement was opposed to the existing tendencies, like the cubism, where the geometric rigor is the essential part of the works. On the contrary, the unformalism pushes it back completely, doing without the formal will and proposing the creation as the rhythms that our instinct dictates us, capturing it in spots of color and big quantity of lines intermingled between themselves.

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