The best auctions of 2008

Madrid from White Towers, of Antonio López

Without doubts last months of this 2008, the auctions market suffered the consequences of the crisis, seeing his sales affected, so much in Spain as on a global scale.

But 2008 has been a long year and like all to had his pleasant surprises in auctions and now they go the best auction of 2008, according to Art Spain.

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Portrait of idle nude of Lucian Freud in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

On November 11 Sotheby's celebrates a contemporary art auction, with exclusive participation of European and American artists, without Spanish artists. We emphasize the picture of Lucian Freud:


I flutter S/lienzo
109.2 x 77.5 cm
Executed between 1999 – 2000
Starting price: 7.000.000 – 9.400.000 euros

Portrait of Francis Bacon de Freud sold for 7 million euros

The market of the art is not so freed from the crisis as we were thinking, since the last contemporary art auctions with really important lots, or all the works do not manage to sell as in that of Spanish art, or scarcely they sell in his estimation.

The auction of Christie's was not the exception: Francis Bacon, the only portrait of the artist painted by Lucian Freud and lot covers with stars it sold for 7 million euros, being located in his estimation that was 6.387.000 – 8.942.000 euros.

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Francis Bacon, Girl Reading and Susie, the works of Lucian Freud in the Christiés auction

On October 19 and 20 Christie's in his head office of London will celebrate a marvelous contemporary art auction and of post war. We have chosen the lots of our European favorite: Lucian Freud, who presents his portrait of Francis Bacon, the only piece, since other that Freud painted in his friend has been stolen. Let's see the pictures:

Girl Reading

Oil on copper
20.3 x 15.2cm
Pindado in 1952
Starting price: 2.555.000 – 3.833.000 euros

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Lucian Freud found out that one of his pictures was destroyed because it was not painting the portrait of pleasing form of an antiquarian

Small news the one that Lucian Freud received: in the search of a picture that did of a German antiquarian, Freud found out that this one had destroyed it because it was not representing it well.

Namely Bernard Breslauer (the painted the portrait one) broke the picture because it was not agreeing with the double chin that the contemporary artist had painted best quoted till now.

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Queen Elizabeth II”, I paint the portrait of Lucian Freud

Queen Elizabeth II. 2001. Lucian Freud.

Queen Elizabeth II. 2001. Lucian Freud.

Queen Elisabeth II is a pictorial work that author Lucian Freud realized in the year 2001. In her it paints the portrait of the Queen Elizabeth II of England in oil on table. With this portrait Lucian Freud left steadfastness of his enormous capacity of reception and psychological penetration of the person to be painted the portrait.

Undoubtedly there is not this one one of these ancient portraits of royal families in which one was trying to modify the personal characteristics of the painted the portrait personage, in other words, one does not try to favor the beauty of the painted the portrait one.

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“Francis Bacon”, I paint the portrait of Lucian Freud

Portrait of Francis Bacon for Lucian Freud. 1952.

Portrait of Francis Bacon for Lucian Freud. 1952.

In the year 1952, Lucian Freud realized a portrait of Francis Bacon. These two authors met in London and supported a good friendship and artistic relation.

Both had in common many artistic aspects in his productions, as it was the representation of the human figure.

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Pictures of Lucian Freud

If there exists in the contemporary art an artist who represents the portrait, insurance that the letters form the name of Lucian Freud, an exquisite painter and now the new record of the market of the art.

A video to see slightly more of his work and to appreciate his line, which has turned it into the living contemporary artist best quoted up to today. The pictures that they will see were a part of the first retrospective of Freud in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, of Germany.

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“Portrait Undresses 2002 ″, of Lucian Freud

Portrait Undresses 2002 it is the portrait that the British painter Lucian Freud realized of Kate Moss when the model was pregnant.

The work is interesting for being an exception in the trajectory portraitism of Freud, who always uses as models strangers, where more easily the instincts and the desires are recognized, under what it calls “the truth of the meat”. To keep on reading»

Works auctions in Sotheby's: Bacon, Barceló, Murakami and Freud

We have the results of the first meeting of the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's, which it faces the crisis with a collection for almost 200 million euros. We will see next the lots of Francis Bacon, Miquel Barceló, Takashi Murakami and Lucian Freud. The peculiarity of this auction is that all the lots of the artists that we mention, except for Barceló, overcame his estimation.

I study for the head of George Dyer of Bacon

35.8 x 30.4cm
Alumnus and dated 1967 in the reverse
Oil on linen
Auction: 17.382.803 EUR

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