Cristóbal Hara, between the reality and the fiction

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Cristóbal Hara / Vegap. Cuenca, aprox. 1973.

Born in Madrid in 1946, Cristóbal Hara lived through big part of his infancy between the Philippines, Germany, the United States and Spain. His first black and white photos had strong characteristics documentary makers without being protagonists the topics in his work, but the photographic language in itself.

In 1985 he decides to photograph to color, never using again the white person and black in his work. His photos cross the wall between the reality and the fiction and we stay without knowing which of the two is true. Perhaps that's why it is so difficult to characterize his work, It will always do it breaks barriers and penetrates limits, allowing us to see the ambiguous side of all the things. Also it is capable of painting the portrait of the Spanish identity like nobody, stopping in the big children details of the humanity.

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“Menu of a testament”, I free of the memoirs of Eduardo Arroyo

Menu of a testament is the new book that you can acquire and it assembles the written memoirs of the Spanish artist Eduardo Arroyo.

Edited by Taurus, Menu of a testament is a piece for those who think about how to know the thought and the Creek history, where to find a lot of irony, sarcasm and an intelligent criticism of the contemporary art and the Spanish institutions.

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“Eduardo Chillida. On what I do not know”, I free of the Spanish artist

Eduardo Chillida. On what I do not know” it is the new luxurious book that never tackles the Spanish artist from a perspective earlier seen.

The luxurious edition of the book of Chillida not only gathers his graphic work, but also the texts have been written by him, from the compilation and selection of phrases of his notebooks of notes.

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Room 902, exhibition and book of photo of Lennon and Yoko Ono for Nico Koster

Room 902 is an enjoyment for two, since there is an exhibition and a book of limited edition that never assembles the seen images of John Lennon y Yoko Ono during a pacific protest against the Vietman war in 1969. The author is the Dutch photographer Nico Koster, person in charge of the famous image of the couple in the bed with flowers.

Of the Koster adventure in the quarter 902 of Hilton de Amsterdan is from which these images never come seen that they paint the portrait of Lennon and Yoko, close friends, of between house, in his particular honeymoon in pajamas and against the war.

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Saura x Saura, photographic journal of Carlos Saura

Saura x Saura is the title of the book that assembles the photos that Carlos Saura removed of his brother, the Spanish artist Antonio Saura from 1947 until 1998, moment of Antonio's death.

The book contains 120 photos that artists report in image key the relation of these brothers, both in intimate moments and in his moment professionals.

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Block escriu, folder on Antoni Tàpies

Block escriu it is a book - folder that was published in December, owing to 85 years of birth of Antoni Tàpies.

The book is a bibliophile's edition of 99 copies, with texts of writer D. Sam Abrams with the same title and a selection of texts of seven books written by Antoni Tàpies. The illustration is in charge of Manel Esclusa, Joan Fontcuberta, Pere Formiguera, Antoni Llena, Soledad Sevilla y Eulàlia Valldosera, with a whole of 6 works.

Without doubts a work for the lovers of the art of Tàpies, where they can find more tones of the creative world of the Spanish artist. Block escriu it is possible to acquire across Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

Two unpublished Dalí drawings on Duchamp

It is not impossible that they have shocked and interdriven two figures of the avant-garde art, in a time of many questions for the art. Since the historian Pilar Parcerisas speaks on the relation DalÝ&Duchamp in the book Duchamp in Spain and public does 2 unpublished drawings of Salvador Dalí.

The drawings inspired by Duchamp were in the notebook Gallic Je mange of Dalí, in which there are included fragments of the trip of the dadaísta to Cadaqués in 1933.

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Barceló, behind the mirror, book of photos of Jean Marie Del Moral

Front of the book Barceló, behind the mirror

Barceló, behind the mirror is the book of photos in which author, Jean Marie Del Moral, discovers to us the most intimate profile of the Spanish artist, Miquel Barceló.

With more than 100 photos, in Barceló, behind the mirror, we are present at the creative process of the mallorquí, frozen by the camera of Of The Mulberry tree from 1985 to the actuality.

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The sea of Barceló, book on the dome of the UNO

Notebook of Barceló – Photo: To Towers

Without doubts the latter months of the year Miquel Barceló has left to the light with this one controversial work for the United Nations and now one more element joins.

There talks each other of the book The sea of Barceló, written by the Guatemalan Rodrigo Rey Rosa, in which XX of the UNO documents the whole process of creation of almost a year of the dome of the Room in Geneva.

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Mythology, book with engravings of Abraham Lacalle

Mythology is the reprint thrown by Turner with engravings of artist Abraham Lacalle. The book, which for the first time went out in 1942, assembles the myths of the Greco-Roman and northerly culture.

In this edition the bonus is in the plastic interpretation of Lacalle, in a marvelous combination of literature and contemporary art. The Lacalle illustrations are realized by pen Bic, in the style that it characterizes to the work of this artist.

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