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You do not form them of Antonio Saura


Antonio Saura is met like the painter of the unformalism, tendency of the Spanish abstract art.

Talented East self-educated was born in Huesca in the decade of ´30 and during the Spanish Civil war he lived in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

Author of a hundred of pieces that paintings assemble in oil, sculptures, xerigrafías, lithographies, engravings and aguasfuertes, is to my taste, one of the Spanish painters more vigorous than his epoch.

It began to do at the age of 17, without receiving academic education, and already for 1950 it would realize in a bookstore of Saragossa his first exhibition, with the series Constellations and Rayogramas. For the following year, he would publish his book of poems book: Programario.

It received the influence of the surrealism in his demurrage in Paris in the 50s, but it will be known for being one of the teachers of the Spanish abstract art. In his works the figurative and abstract forms are debated, firstly in black and white pieces, and then the step to a line that reaches the scale of the terracottas, blue and deep blacks.

Along his career it realized innumerable exhibitions and received the awards:p329.jpg Guggenheim of New York, the first place in the biennial European graph (1979), the Heidelberg of Germany (1982); the golden Medal of Fine arts of Spain (1982) and the Big award of the city of Paris (in 1995), between others.

His artistic work Carmen will be fitted in the scenic assembly of The house of Cistercian Dawn, of Federico García Lorca and the opera, of Bizet. Also it realized 14 shop windows for the Pavilion of Jordan in the International Fair of New York.

Along with artists of the size of Chirino, Chillida and Antonio Tàpies, it will form the group Step, which will work for esthetics free for the art, which confuses in his works the varied skills of his producers.

On the web page devoted to the painter you can appreciate the multiplicity of his artistic work, as well as find information about the exhibitions of his work in the whole world.

Between his most well-known series there are the Imaginary Portraits, Crucifixions, Portraits, Self-portraits and Vertical Checkers.

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