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The return of Pop, Antonio de Felipe

He was born in Valencia in the year 1965, and graduated in the faculty of Fine arts of this city in the decade of ´80. Multidisciplinary artist who not only devoted himself to the painting and to the sculpture, but also it penetrated into different fields, as for example: “Tremulous Meat” collaborated with Pedro Almodóvar in the movie, he designed curtains for Telemadrid, Santa Clara created a china for the signature; and he collaborated with important publications as ByN Dominical (Sunday magazine of the newspaper ABC), The Country, The Magazine of the newspaper El Mundo, Marie Claire, elle and the magazine Rolling Stone, between others.

Pop stands out in the art, and it produces homage to the world of the publicity (constant subject-matter and ambience where it worked eight years), of the movies or of the Spanish baroque painting. In his work there appear representations of the most daily objects, the products of big consumption and the Icons of the popular culture.

It has developed an extensive work across different series and between the most well-known they stand out dedicated Velázquez, with pictures like “The orange infanta”; the portraits, which include personalities as Cindy Crawford or the Mother Teresa de Calcuta; dedicated to the publicity and “The Cows”, between whose pieces there is one of his most well-known works, “The cow antonio-de-felipe-obra.jpgCoca-Cola”.
Antonio de Felipe is provided with more than forty individual exhibitions presented in Spain - Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Cadiz and Granada, between other cities - and abroad, how the exhibitions in Hamburg - in the Gallery Levy - in addition to his regular participation in the fairs is important ARCH - of Art Cologne and of Brussels - where the last artistic tendencies are known. His work also Queen Sophia is present in important public and private collections, like the National museum Center of Art, the Collection Testimoni de la Caixa and the Collection Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, between others.

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  1. wandarf towers b

    this page has paid very much the attention to me … towards already much that wanted to know about you for your work that I like and for your big personality that you stand out as not in your works … always soñe in spite of painting something of mine, like you, like your person, with taste and to taste and filling of above to below with all these colors that spill art. Do there keep on being yours ….los eyes????? A SALUDO.WANDARF

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