Masterpieces, collection of Chema Madoz edited by The Factory

chema madoz

Masterpieces, it is the title d and the collection of the Spanish photographer Chema Madoz, edited by The Factory that will go out published in April, 2010.

The volume covers the Madoz trajectory, across his photos, which of particular form, have the power to change the objects into different others, almost for magic art.

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Exhibition of Chen Chieh-jen in The Factory Gallery

The Factory Gallery presents to us the exhibition of artist Chen Chieh-jen, where we will be able to see pieces of video and photos of big format.

The proposal: Chen Chieh-jen tackles in this sample the image of the current society, with his beauty chaos, across the works of video Portraits of without roof, re-rented and mortgaged and Military Court and Prison, in addition to 5 photos of big format that rescue stills of the videos.

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