Unpublished 2009, exhibition of the winners in The Burning House

unpublished 2009

Extract of the project of Direlia Lazo

On June 30 there is inaugurated the exhibition of the young winning commissioners of Unpublished 2009 in The Burning House.

What will we be able to see? The winning projects of this edition are Emma Brasó and Héctor Sanz Castaño with the project SIN-TAG. Anonymous, Pseudonymic and Álter egos; Beatriz Alonso and Victoria Gil-Delgado, with As Roland Barthes would say, neither marry nor embark; and Direlia Lazo with A the return of the corner.

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Portraits of New York, exhibition of photo

40th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. September 8, 1938

Berenice Abbott

Portraits of New York: Photos of the MoMa there is the title of the exhibition that you can visit in The House Lit until middle of June.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a series of photos that they have like protagonist to the big city across the lens of more than 90 famous photographers, between whom there are counted names as Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Harry Callahan, Henri Cartier-Breson, Walter Evans, Lee Friedlander, Helen Levitt, Cindy Sherman, Irving Penn and Alfred Stieglitz.

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Exhibition of contemporary artists indúes in The Burning House

Reflexes of the contemporary India there is the title of the collective exhibition of artists of the India that you can visit in The Burning House.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by the work of 4 contemporary artists of the country, across works in painting, video, installation and photo. The artists are: Sheela Gowda, to Love Kanwar, N S Harsha and Anup Mathew Thomas.

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“Un-presentable 08 ″, multidisciplinary artistic proposal in The Burning House


Although we go with any days of delay he could not allow speaking about this multidisciplinary artistic proposal that estña happening these days in The Burning House. 08 talks each other of the Un-presentable project in his sixth edition, that this year assembles a fistful of emergent Spanish and international artists.

In Un-presentable you will be able to see installation, performance, vídeoarte, live music and other pieces that try to emphasize the connections of the contemporary art, different art and the sociocultural space in which he has us to live.

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