Gallery of works of Juan Luis Moraza


Archaeology of the Hell, Installation.

As we were commenting in his biography, Juan Luis Moraza is a Basque artist who is desirable to grant to his works a certain occultism touch to his works, as well as of a strong poetical load. This way, it manages to drink to us of a perspective different from what we are accustomed of the daily objects.

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Biography of Juan Luis Moraza


The Spanish sculptor Juan Luis Moraza was born in Vitoria, in 1960. It is Licensed in Fine arts by the faculty of Bilbao and it belongs to the new generation of Basque sculptors, who are revolutionizing the sculptural esthetics in this time.

On having finished his studies, it gained three consecutive Scholarships, in 1983 the granted one by the Basque Government, in 1990 the Scholarship Banesto and in 1991 the granted one by the State Department.

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In search of the Basque map

The Museum Guggenheim Bilbao has for this summer an exhibition that tries to realize of provisional form some of the guidelines that marked occurring of the Basque contemporary art.


Unknowns. Cartographies of the contemporary art in Euzkadi” contemporary produced by four generations is the name of this exhibition comisariada for Juan Luis Moraza and that there assembles the work of creators, cultural agents and historians of the art, in an exercise of structure and approach to the universe of the Basque art, from the born before 1945 up to whom they were born in 1976. To keep on reading»

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