Biography of Juan Barjola, Spanish artist


Juan Barjola with his wife

Juan Barjola was one more recognized Spanish painters of the second half of the XXth century. He was born in Tower of Miguel Sesmero (Badajoz) in the year 1919. He formed artistically in the School of Arts and crafts of Badajoz, in that of Madrid and in the School of Fine arts of San Fernando.

Also he was present at the Circle of Fine arts, and visited of assiduous form the Museums of Artistic Reproductions and of the Meadow, of whose works it realized drawings and copies, in addition to Goya or The Greek one knew in depth the artists' work that they it influenced of notable form, like Velázquez.

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Not more heroes, collective exhibition in ARTIUM

Work of Juan Muñoz in the exhibition

ARTIUM, Center - museum Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo, presents the exhibition Not more heroes The Collection VIII.

What will we be able to see? This is the eighth presentation of the Permanent Collection of ARTIUM, a selection of more than 70 works in painting, drawing, sculpture, photo, installation and videoarte. In the exhibition keys they can see works of the artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Jorge Oteiza, Luis Gordillo, Joan Brossa, Vik Muniz or Juan Muñoz, along with emergent artists, like Karmelo Bermejo or Helen Mendizabal, for naming some.

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Julio Gónzalez, Joan Pon ç, Hernández Mompó and Barjola in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

Julio Gónzalez, Juan Barjola, Joan Pon ç and Manuel Hernández Mompó also they are present in the annual auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid with paintings, which we will see next in detail:

Of Gónzalez we have PERSONNAGE AU MIROIR

Signed, dated and numbered áng. inf. izq: J.G / 1937/4-7
Pen, black ink, colored pencils and collage on role
34 x 23,5 cm
Executed in 1937
Origin: Succession Julio Gónzalez, Paris
Starting price: 10.000 – 15.000 euros

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“Figure“ of Juan Barjola to auction in Madrid

The house Goya Subastas celebrates on December 4 new auction, in that we emphasize the lot 139, acts of Juan Barjola. The piece in question is:



Gouache, signed and dated in 1964
100 x 70 cm
Valued for 10.000 – 12.000 €.

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To trade you 2007: And the winner is

I like Trading you, it is a special fair, which unifies and marks quotations between professionals.

The big difference of Trading you and Arch, it is not possible to see in the ápoca of the works (in the end one time painting and contemporary sculpture, which is what takes and sells in both say what they should say), the big difference is that, to Trade you, there go collectors and point. Many other groups go already to Arch and a fair is many more masificada. Other one of the big differences is that in Trading you, almost everything is good, better and worse, but almost quite well. In Arch there are very good things, and also “new gurus” who try to sell to us a bottle of dog's excrement as art. (Sometimes they obtain it)

This year I could have seen curious and interesting things. I recommend especially some works in galleries of any confidence … A beautiful Barjola "Tauromachy" in the Lorenart stand, the most interesting 2 Benjamín Palencia, of better that I see years ago, in Lorenart and Heller (the last one was already sold), a pair of good pieces of Chillida, and an incredible Barceló, a fabulous picture of Zabaleta, a good Manolo Valdés in the Gallery of Daniel Cardani and great great work of Jaume Plensa.

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To auction works of Antonio de Felipe, Eduardo Arroyo, Eduardo Naranjo, Juan Barjola, Fernando Botero, Damià Jaume between others

Next April 23, the dean of the houses of Auction of Madrid, Durán Subastas, celebrates a new painting auction at 7 p.m. hrs. Between the lots of está edition emphasized the following ones:

(Medellin, Colombia/1932)

My curiosity not only centers in small or void quality and grace amen of scarce interest that generate in me drawings as this one of Boatman, but the surprising of his starting prices, which make suppose that the work will not sell. A drawing to Boatman's nib at these prices is exaggerated to me to understand, for much that pawn some galleries (and it seems that now Auctions Last).

Create me, Boatman will not go down in history for these drawings, of scarce grace and quality. His work starts and finishes in the sculpture and some free linen.



I draw. 94 x 67.
Signed and dated in 1981 in the right low angle.

Starting price: 38.000€
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