Amaya Muzzle gained the golden Medal in sculpture in the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts


Our young favorite Spanish artist, Amaya Bozal, has been rewarded in July with the golden Medal in LXX Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Valdepeñas by his work sculptural Set, in the category sculpture.

Sculptural set consists of three heads, two in bronze with different patinas and one of mud retractario, placed on wooden beams of the XIXth century treated for his conservation.

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Exhibition and performance of Irene Bou in gallery ArteVistas

some moment

Conversaciones with God and with the Devil is the title of the exhibition of young artist Irene Bou that you will be able to see on September 17 in the gallery ArteVistas of Barcelona.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of the chosen paintings of the artist and a performance that the same Irene will realize the day of opening at 21 a.m. hs. The works of Trawler are impactantes, they have force, color and remind us to Jean Michel Basquiat.

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The carnations: new artists of Seville

It is very difficult to know what is again in the contemporary art, especially when we speak about the Spanish art, because generally the artists become acquaintances after certain trajectory and little and we know nothing of his beginnings.

Really for this reason there seemed interesting to me this project called The Carnations, which is a proposal that assembles artists and born new creators in Seville. In the video they will be able to see the works presented in the exhibition of 2008, under the title The Carnations. An approach to the young painters of Seville. This sample took place in the Foundation Chirivella Soriano of Valencia and it was assembling approximately 50 works of young artists.

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To live without destroying, exhibition of Pello Irazu in San Sebastian


To live without destroying is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish contemporary artist Pello Irazu, that you will be able to visit this summer in Koldo Mitxelena of San Sebastian.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of diverse works: sculptures and constructive drawings, along with photographic spaces, you photograph with painting and sculptures realized in smelting of bronze and aluminum. These works represent the production of last 4 years of the artist.

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Minimal Big Size, exhibition of Spanish contemporary sculpture

diego canogar

Work of Diego Canogar

Photo: Ricardo Solís

In the frame of XII Sample Minimal Big Size you will be able to see the sculptures of the Spanish contemporary artists in the House of Culture of the St Lawrence El Escorial.

Work assembles the exhibition in wood, stone and artists' steel like Diego Canogar, Jorge García, Juan Carlos Fuentes, Hair Millán, Juan de la Iglesia, Teresa Abellanas, Adolfo Alcalde, Carmen Ambruster, Iván de Christ, Héctor Delgado, Magdalen F. Merino, Angels Friar, Gabriel Fuertes, I Protect García, Ignacio López, César Montero, M. Luz Nieto, Ann Olano, Pardito, Ricardo Santonja and Peace Saints.

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Sedimentados sceneries, exhibition of Cyprien Gaillard in the MUSAC


Paisajes sedimentados is the title of the first individual exhibition of the French artist Cyprien Gaillard that you can visit this summer in the Contemporary Art museum of Castile and León, in the frame of the project Laboratory 987.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles works that tackle the scenery as topic, across drawings, paintings, engravings and two videos. It costs to emphasize that the work of Gaillard is a conjugation of land art and romanticism, where the accent is put in the scenery and the traces of the man in him.

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Works of Susy Gómez

Until June we had in CAC of Malaga, the exhibition of Susy Gómez, one of the most interesting Spanish contemporary artists.

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Abraham Lacalle: exhibition Noises in gallery Marlborough

Noises I

Ruidos is the title of the new exhibition of the Spanish artist, Abraham Lacalle, which you will be able to visit in gallery Marlborough of Madrid.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 11 works in small format, principally watercolors, which show us the chromatic Lacalle sumptuousness.

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Exhibition of José Maldonado in Country house Solleric

It spread quickly 3, 2009. Still. Still video frame.

Rapid space is the title of the exhibition of the Spanish artist José Maldonado that you can see from today in Espai Quatre of Country house Solleric.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles recent works of Maldonado, where the plastic narrative one works from the empty spaces, across the installation rapid Space, which names the sample.

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The penetrated ones of Santiago Sierra (images)

The first act: 10 men of white race penetrated 10 women of white race.

We surprised Santiago Sierra to beginning of this year with a work of powerful contemporary art: I am speaking about The penetrated ones, which were exhibited in January in gallery Helga de Alvear.

The work was a video of 45 minutes split into 10 acts, which shows all the possible forms of the anal sex between men and women of white and black race. The work was labeled by the conventional means like provocation, pornography, theatricality and disobedience, but the work of Saw does not stay there in these gradilocuentes words.

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