Balclis Mini, auction of art 2009

Next July 15 and 16 Balclis it realizes two meetings of the auction of art and furniture Balclis Mini, whose target is to offer works of art, furniture, objects and jewels at very accessible prices, from 100 €.

In this auction you will be able to find more than 1300 lots, between paintings, antiquities, furniture and jewels, without suda an exceptional appointment to acquire some valued article. We have selected some works of the present Spanish contemporary artists in the auction, as:

Hats, of Eduardo Úrculo


It lithographs of 56×46 cm
Signed and numbered 39/75, dated in 1994
Starting price: 175 €

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Maria Blanchard y Josep Guinovart in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

We continue with the lots only one, this time for two: an oil of Maria Blanchard and a picture in mixed skill of Josep Guinovart, both pieces with which these artists take part in the big auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid, which will be October 2 in Westin Palace.

Of Blanchard we have HIM DÉJEUNER

Signed áng. inf. izq: M.Blanchard
Oil on linen
65 x 46 cm
Painting towards 1919-20
Origin: Collection Ann Gutiérrez Blanchard
Starting price: € 100.000 – € 150.000

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Collective of Summer in gallery Rosalía Sender: works of Guinovart, Creek and others

Until July 31 you have to visit the Collective summer exhibition in gallery Rosalía Sender. The same one assembles works of an artists' fistful of fame, both Spanish and international.

In the sample you will see works of Creek, Aulestia, Carlos Codes, Moisés Finalé, Guinovart, Bale Jiliberto, Adrià Lanuza, Master Yago, Spots, Blessed Virgin Martínez, Molina Ciges, pagola, Anna Sanchis, Joan Antoni Toledo, Rosa Torres, Juan Vida, JJ. White and Richard White.

The appointment is a Sea 19 of Valencia.

Bores, Grau Sala, Gal, Ciria and Guinovart to auction today in Segre

The room of Madrid Segre celebrates today an auction in which it dominates the Spanish art, where we emphasize the work of Francisco Bores, Emilio Grau Sala, Menchu Gal, José Manuel Ciria y Josep Guinovart. The auction will be today at 18:30 hs in Segre 18 of Madrid.

Let's begin with the Bores lot, it is a question of Inn, 1961


Painting / Graphic Work
Price Gone out: 7.000,00 €

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