Exhibition of the recent work of José Manuel Ciria in Madrid


The martyrdom of San Andrés

Ciria. Rare paintings, post-genres and Dr. Zaius is the title of the exhibition of the recent work of José Manuel Ciria, the painter born in Manchester and formed in Spain.

As we said that the sample is assembled by the new production of Ciria, which it includes from his change to New York in 2005 and the changes that this spatial transfer has generated in his painting.

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Bores, Grau Sala, Gal, Ciria and Guinovart to auction today in Segre

The room of Madrid Segre celebrates today an auction in which it dominates the Spanish art, where we emphasize the work of Francisco Bores, Emilio Grau Sala, Menchu Gal, José Manuel Ciria y Josep Guinovart. The auction will be today at 18:30 hs in Segre 18 of Madrid.

Let's begin with the Bores lot, it is a question of Inn, 1961


Painting / Graphic Work
Price Gone out: 7.000,00 €

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