Olividar to Rodin?, exhibition of sculptures in Foundation Mapfre

Auguste Rodin returns to the rooms of the Foundation Mapfre with the exhibition: To forget Rodin? Sculpture in Paris 1905-1914, which you will be able to visit until September 13.

What will we be able to see? A set of works assembles the sample in artists' sculptures that have been inspired in the Rodin language, be already like a continuity or a rupture. More than 25 artists of the beginning of the XXth century do honor to Rodin, between them the Spanish Julio Gónzalez, Pablo Picasso, Joseph Clará, Pablo Gargallo and Manuel Hugué “Manolo“.

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Sculptures of Angel Ferrant, Cristino Mallo, José Clara and Susy Gómez in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

With the lots of these artists we complete the sculptures that will be finished off in the auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid. The sculptures that we will see next belong to José Clara, Susy Gómez, Ángel Ferrant and Cristino Mallo.


Signed and dated: Ferrant/58
27 x 64 x 16 cm
Executed in 1958
Origin: Collection Jon Nicholas Streep, New York
Starting price: € 40,000 – € 60,000

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