Joan Miró and the feminine image, exhibition in Cultural center Bancaja of Valencia

Joan Miró. Evocation of the feminine image is the title of the exhibition that you can visit in the Cultural center Bancaja of Valencia.

The sample assembles 154 works, which tackle the image of the woman from the look of Joan Miró, between sculptures, paintings, drawings, objects of the workshops of the artist.

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The Catalan culture across his illuminated ones

Romanesque painting and Catalan cap, of Tàpies

The Center of Contemporary culture of Barcelona (CCCB) receives in his rooms an exhibition of the biggest artists look at to her us, in that you will see Antoni Tàpies, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró y Gaudí, between others.

The sample consists of more than 800 works, from Ramon Llul up to the actuality, which takes as a target to show the madness and the lighting of the Catalan artists.

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Exhibition of Spanish design of the XXth century in Bogota

Armchair Chamber of Commerce, 1953
Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cordova
of Rafael de la Hoz and José Maria García de Paredes

300 % Spanish Desing is the title of the exhibition that assembles Spanish designers of the XXth century in the Modern Art museum of Bogota.

What will we be able to see? The sample consists of pieces and objects of design of artists like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Guadí, Moneo, Marshall and Tusquest, between others.

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Joan Miró, to 25 years of his death

On December 25, 1983, Joan Miró, one of the most important painters of Spain, was leaving us forever. Today to 25 years of his death our simple homage for the Miró that introduced the esthetics of the modern art, opening the way for the contemporary art.

According to its own words, his target with the art was “to provoke first a physical sensation which last target is the soul” because “the art can die but what it imports is that it has interspersed gérmenes on the ground“.

The best of the contemporary art of 2008

Work of Lucio Muñoz in the exhibition Silencis

Since we are of memoirs of the best thing and the worst thing, in Art Spain we have selected 5 facts of the contemporary art of 2008 that he is worth while remembering:

1. This position touches the exhibition Silencis in the Monastery of Siloes, that Carlos Franco assembled 24 Spanish contemporary artists, between them to Antoni Tàpies, José Maria Sicilia, Joan Miró, José Manuel Broto, Esteban Vicente, Miquel Barceló, Cristino de Vera, Susana Solano, Albert Rafols-Casamada, Martin Chirino, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Sergi Aguilar, Sergio Belinchón, Manuel Rivera, Eduardo Chillida, Manolo Millares, Juan Carlos Savater, Lucio Muñoz, Miguel Ángel Blanco, Carmen Laffón, Gustavo Torner, Xavier Mascaró and Francesc Ruiz. This way 8 years of exhibition were celebrated in Siloes.

2. The exhibition of Elizabeth Peyton in New York, the young and international contemporary artist that more we like, both in the pictorial language and in the subject-matter that it tackles.

3. The exhibition Machines and Souls of the Museum Queen Sophia, who assembled for the first time in this space, to the creators of the contemporary art and the new technologies, beginning a big way for the institutional legitimization of the average art, net art, digital art and vídeoarte.

4. The retrospective of Juan Muñoz in the Guggenheim Bilbao, which there assembled big part of the work of this so valued Spanish artist.

5. The exhibition Works Graph 10 The Country in the gallery Marlborough, with works in artist's engraving as Eduardo Arroyo, José Manuel Broto, Rafael Canogar, Martín Chirino, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, Cristina Iglesias, Antonio López García, Jaume Plensa and Manolo Valdés.

The invention of the XXth century, exhibition of Carl Einstein in Queen Sophia

I paint the portrait of II, of Joan Miró

The Invention of the XXth Century: Carl Einstein and the avant-gardes is the title of the gentle exhibition of modern art that you can visit in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by 120 works, paintings and a set of 35 African sculptures, in order to provide to the spectator a visual description of the intellectual work of Carl Einstein, one of the more important historians of art.

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To trade you 2008, fair of antiquities and art in Madrid

From November 15 until November 23 IFEMA will lodge one more edition of Trading you, the excellent shop window of the art of antiquities and collecting in Madrid. The appointment number 32 of Trading you will assemble 170 galleries and antiquarians, Spanish and foreigners, about 18.000 pieces.

One will be able to see and to buy art of different epochs and styles, especially pieces of Art Noveau and Art Decó, like objects of decoration, mobiliriario, sculptures and paintings.

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Femmes devant the lune and Peinture de Joan Miró in the auction of modern art of Christie's

Blue Star de Joan Miró

On November 6 Christie's celebrates two meetings of the auction of modern and impressionistic art, with the particpación of these Spanish painters: Julio González, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Baltasar Lobo and Joan Miró, of whom we detail his lots.

It is possible to gain access the images of both lots only asking to the auction room, but here they have the detail of the works in information:

Femmes devant the lune
Signed, titled and dated “It Looked. Femmes devant the lune 1944“ (in the reverse)
Cake and gouache / linen
22,2 x 33,7 cm
Executed in 1944
Starting price: 470.000 – 627.000 euros

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Thematic exhibition of Joan Miró in the MoMa

Joan Miró: Painting and Antipainting, 1927-1937 is the proposal that the MoMa of New York will inaugurate on November 2.

The proposal: the exhibition tackles a particular time of Joan Miró, in which he artist was marked by what it was calling “the death of the art”. In this period It Looked said that we had to murder to the art, alluding in rebelliousness against the bourgeois art, identity of the upper class.

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Dans joins île 5 heures of L’ Après-Midi and Kneeled down Wife of Joan Miró in the auction of Spanish art Christie's

Joan Miró also is present in the auction of Spanish art of Christie's Madrid, today we will see his two lots, that although they are unlike in skill, both are exquisite and represent very well the style of the artist of Barcelona.


Signed and dated áng. inf. izq: Miró/1937
Pencil on role
24 x 32,5 cm
Identical with 1937
Origin: Richard L. Feigen and Co. Inc., New York

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