Camouflages, collective exhibition in The Burning House


Camuflajes is the title of this collective exhibition that you can visit in The House Lit until November. The proposal takes as a target to assemble the work of diverse artists who use the resource of the camouflage as a constitutive element of his work.

It will be possible to see works of these artists: Angels Agrela; José Ramón Amondarain; Liu Bolin; Manuel Cerda; Chema Cobo; Monica Duncan and Lara Odell; Lalla Essaydi; Leo Fabrizio; Adonis Flores; Joan Fontcuberta; Laurent La Gamba; Rogelio López Cuenca; Maider López; Carmen Mariscal; Laura Mars; Mateo Maté; Carlos Miranda; Sonia La Mur; Juan Luis Moraza; Yasumasa Morimura; Harvey Opgenorth; Desiree Palmen; Domingo Sánchez Blanco; Francesca Woodman; Gina Zacharias; Eleanor Antin; Emilio Fantin; Alfredo Jaar; Ottonella Mocellin; Pacquée Laughs; Cesare Pietroiusti and Cesare Viel.

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Essential Spanish contemporary artists

Today me given for think what Spanish contemporary artists are those who really are doing history and leaving trace in the contemporary art.

Task not easy at all, especially if we think that this following list only corresponds to the subjective taste of a person, but that I will try to base with the production of every artist. Also there is another quandary: what is the contemporary art?

Since small ask since the plastic eclectisismo and the limits of the contemporary art are already not those of other moments of the art, exactly perhaps this freedom of the contemporary art is his biggest treasure and his biggest perdition, because on behalf of the contemporary art sometimes we see every thing, which for God! Interesting the video that he accompanies is ready and tries to explain also the situation of the contemporary art.

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Exhibition of Spanish photographers in Alcobendas

Carlos Cánovas Bilbao, 1994 Series Scenery without comeback

15 years of contemporary Spanish photo. Genres and tendencies. Collection of Alcobendas is the title of the gentle exhibition that assembles the best Alcobendas photographers.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is distributed in 8 samples with a whole of 556 photos that will be seen in the Town hall, the Sports City Valdelasfuentes, the Foundation Metropolis, the Building of Companies, the C.C. Anabel Segura, the Boulevard Salvador Allende, the CIFP José Luis Garci, the Dividing Fronts and the European University of Madrid.

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Exhibition of photos of Joan Fontcuberta in Barcelona

Origin of the world, of the series Googlegrama

Of fact. Joan Fontcuberta 1982-2008 is the title of the exhibition (more awaited x me) of photos of Juan Fontcuberta that you can visit in Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by the work of Fontcuberta of 26 years, with 200 photos of 18 projects, where one emphasizes my favorite series Googlegrama.

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Calendar of new period of exhibitions in Barcelona

Fontcuberta, one of the artists of the period

We are weeks ahead of the beginning of the period 2009-2010 of exhibitions in Spain and bring over to you a plain calendar of the most famous thing that it will be possible to see in art in Barcelona.

Agenda the exhibitions and artists that we recommend you:

  • Retrospective of Rodchenko in The Stone quarry from October: there will be seen a hundred of works, which include drawing, painting, photo, design, special constructions and photomontages.

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Biography of Joan Fontcuberta

Googlegrama: Ozone. Joan Fontcuberta. 2006.

Googlegrama: Ozone. Joan Fontcuberta. 2006.

Joan Fontcuberta is a multidisciplinary artist who is born in Barcelona in 1955. It studied Information sciences in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and he is a teacher Asociado in the Studies of Audio-visual Communication in the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona.

Photographer, teacher, writer, critic, and artist, obtains the National Award of Photo in the year 1998, but his work goes beyond the photo, linking this one to the images treatment by means of computer hardware, raising an interactive visual work to the spectator.

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The skepticism in the photo of Joan Fontcuberta


Without doubts the best photographer of Spain of the moment, Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955) has developed in addition to the photographic art, a plural activity like teaching, theoretical, critical, publishing and enclosed historian. He studied Information sciences in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, due to his interest in the world of the communication of masses.

His first exhibition realized it in 1974 in the Room Aixelá of Barcelona. His first works were questioning by means of the photomontage and other skills of manipulation the veracity conditionally accepted in the photographic image. Towards ends of the 70, his work evolves towards more reflective and conceptual positions, analyzing topics of representation, knowledge, memory and ambiguity between others.

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