Popeye, exhibition of the work of Jeff Koons in London


Acrobat 2003-09

Popeye series is the title of the new exhibition of the kitsch artist Jeff Koons that you can visit this summer in the gallery Serpentine, of Hyde Park of London.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by the most recent work of the king of the kitsch, composed by metal sculptures that reproduce inflatable toys (again the same?) and they are inspired in the cómic personage. Some of the pieces: emphasized? there are a pair of walruses, ducklings that hang by moustaches and a lobster tightrope walker (?).

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Contemporary art auction in Sotheby's

On May 12 Sotheby's celebrates the first meeting of the auction of contemporary art in New York, with 49 pieces of contemporary artists internacionacionales, between which we emphasize these artists:

Two seated figures, of Juan Muñoz

Sculpture of polyester, resin and cotton on wood
152.4 x 152.4 x 94 cm
Executed in 1996
Starting price: 306.000 – 459.000 €

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Murakami, Hirst and Koons in the auction of contemporary art of Christie's

On March 17 Christie's realizes an auction of contemporary art, which collection will go for the association AVEC that fights against the cancer. In the auction we will have contemporary artists like Koons, Hirst and Murakami, between others, and of whom we will see the lots:


Signed and dated “Murakami 08 ′
Acrylic and platinum sheet on linen mounted in a frame of aluminum
150 x 150 x 5 cm
Executed in 2008. A certificate of authenticity of Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. will be dedicated to the buyer.

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Work of Jeff Koons in the Palace of Versailles

From September until December, 2008, the Palace of Versailles received the work of artist Jeff Koons. His style recognized as kitsch, and infested with rabbits, lobsters, dogs and hearts, is to my way of seeing one of the most deplorable things of the current contemporary art.

Not in style, subject-matter or materiality, the work of Koons does not become an art and this is one of the most annoying intrigues for me: what does that an artist as Koons becomes so legitimized in the institution of the contemporary art? Because we go that immense metallized or animal grassland balloons (to the best style of The man fork hands) little and not at all they speak to me about the function of the art, which is finally a rennet-bag in a form a content that discusses, talks or reflects on something of the world.

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Jim Beam – Log Car of Jeff Koons in the Christiés auction

The archiestrella Jeff Koons also is present in the contemporary art auction and of post war of Christie's London with a sculpture, to me to understand, overvalued (like the whole work of Koons).

It is a question of Jim Beam – Log car

Stainless steel and bourbon
19,7 x 36,2 x 16.5cm
Executed in 1986, this work is the number two of an edition of three more an artist's test
Starting price: 895.000 – 1.151.000 euros

Kitsch exhibition of Jeff Koons in the Palace of Versailles

Hanging Heart, sculpture sold by 23 million euros in 2007
Photo: AFP/Stephane of Sakutin

From today the Palace of Versailles in France will be flooded by the works of the most kitsch artist, Jeff Koons.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition assembles 17 works that will be distributed along the whole palace, some of big dimensions and located in open spaces like closed, of what in other better times, it was the house of King Sol.

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“Andy Warhol and other famous faces”, exhibition of the artist in Maryhill Museum of Art

Maryhill Museum of Art offers a retrospective of the portrait in the work of Andy Warhol with this exhibition that réune to the famous persons painted the portrait by artist pop art.

In the same decade in which Warhol begins to raise to art objects of the everyday life, the famous persons of the 60 and 50 turn into the topic of his style, like the well-known portrait of Marilyn Monroe, that pop has served like icon of the culture.

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Kevin Spacey will take to theater sculptures of Warhol, Koons and Giacometti

Inflatable Flower and Bunny (The Pre-New 1979)

I enjoy much of the crossings that take place in the world of the art and this news turns out to be very interesting: Kevin Spacey, the actor of American Beauty, will be one of those that voice and personality will give to a selection of sculptures of the XXth century, which will be the protagonists of a stage play.

The play will take the name of Drama Queens, it has been created by the duo of plastic artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, with the artistic Spacey direction. Between the select pieces there are sculptures of Boxes of Sheen of Andy Warhol, Rabbit of Jeff Koons and others of Giacometti.

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Refuturology of Jeff Koons in the MCA of Chicago

After 20 years, Jeff Koons returns to the Contemporary Art museum of Chicago with a big retrospective of his work.

Since they will know Koons it is one of the most famous personalities of the contemporary art, both for the quality of his work, and for the perculiar of his personality. Extracting of side his popularity and his neat suits, the work of Koons does not stop being sealed in my brain either and turns out to be excessively decorative to me.

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Biography of Jeff Koons

Puppy. Jeff Koons.

Puppy. 1992. Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons is a born American author in Pennsylvania in the year 1955. In spite of the surprising thing that could seem, Koons is one of the better quoted living authors.

It worked like stockbroker of Wall Street, and left everything to devote itself to realize these peculiar sculptures. He is the first artist who hired an advertizing agency to be announced, and also the first one in having an adviser of image.

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