Works of Jaume Plensa to the sale in Artelandia

If you are interested in the buy of works of Spanish artists contemporary and you do not like the world of the auctions, you can resort to galleries as Artelandia, which offer works of Spanish artists of the XIXth and XXth century for the direct sale, without intermediaries.

Today we will see the works of Jaume Plensa to the sale of Artelandia:

Without title


Skill: Mixed skill
Dimensions of the work: 49×32 cm
With authenticity certificate

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Graphic work of Jaume Plensa in the GACMA


GACMA brings to us a sample of the last works of graphic work of Jaume Plensa. With this exhibition it will be possible to explore the graphic work of Plensa, to understand the language different from that of the sculpture or of the drawing where the artist finds a place in which to ponder deeply on the human being.

The exhibition will be realized from September 25 until November 25, in the GACMA, in the street Fídias, 48, Malaga.

Dream, sculpture of Jaume Plensa in St Helens


Photos: Mark Payne

Dream (Sleep) is the new work of Jaume Plensa, realized for take care Briton of St Helens, inside the program big project of the art.

The sculpture was inaugurated on Sunday and it is 20 meters high. It is like the head of a Zen woman with features, which neck and head stretched like the women of Modigliani, are erected in target in a trees park. Dream weighs approximately 500 tons of concrete and it is the homage to the sleep of the miners and workers of the city, since it is located in the ancient dump of Manor Colliery Sutton.

The cost of the sculpture of Plensa was 1,9 million pounds sterling and from today it hopes to be the icon of St Helens.

Images of the opening: Mark Payne

Contemporary art in Arch 2009

Boatman's sculpture

In walk along Arch 2009, he is sick to some contemporary artists that we follow in Artespain. Here the works and consecrated artists of the Spanish ambience, like Antoni Tàpies, Jaume Plensa, Eduardo Chillida y Miquel Barceló.

Of the international ambience, a fabulous sculpture of Fernando Botero, the most recognized Colombian artist on a global scale. I hope that you should like this works selection.

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Exhibition of sculptures of Jaume Plensa in Moscow

On March 15 the Muscovite gallery Diehl exhibits in his rooms the first individual exhibition of Jaume Plensa in Moscow.

What will we be able to see? The sample composes of 7 sculptures of the series The heart of the trees, more works in role. Also in the square opposite to the Hotel Hyatt there will be exhibited a 8 meters high sculpture covered by Cyrillic signs.

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To trade you 2008, fair of antiquities and art in Madrid

From November 15 until November 23 IFEMA will lodge one more edition of Trading you, the excellent shop window of the art of antiquities and collecting in Madrid. The appointment number 32 of Trading you will assemble 170 galleries and antiquarians, Spanish and foreigners, about 18.000 pieces.

One will be able to see and to buy art of different epochs and styles, especially pieces of Art Noveau and Art Decó, like objects of decoration, mobiliriario, sculptures and paintings.

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Exhibition Works Graph 10 The Country in gallery Marlborough

Persons and planes (2007) of Juan Genovés

The Gallery Marlborough and newspaper El Pais are the persons in charge of Graphic Work 10 of THE COUNTRY, exhibition that is inaugurated on September 11.

What will we be able to see? The sample is assembled by a folder of 10 engravings, signed and numbered by Spanish artists of fame, realized for newspaper and with a limited edition of 100 copies.

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Works of Giorgio de Chirico and Jaume Plensa

A few minutes of relaxation and reflection with this beautiful video that brings together works that can turn out to be unlike to us: sculptures of Jaume Plensa and paintings of Giorgio de Chirico.

But think a second: are not body, language and oneiric sceneries perhaps the thematic appellants in the work of these artists and simultaneously the needles that goad the suspense about our existence?

Exhibition Panorama 2008: works of Barceló, Muzzle, Valdés, Creek, Gets ready and Plensa

SelfPortrail AS O.W.II
Dust of marble, the only piece
83 x 48 x 77 cm.

Since we have already aunciado, until July 31 you have time to visit the exhibition Panorama 2008, one collective that there organize the galleries Juan Gris and Hopscotch.

In the same one it is possible to see an about thirty of works of better than the Spanish art in the last 50 years, with names dedicated like López, Barceló, Block, Valdés, Plensa or new figures like Amaya Bozal. Let's see a works gallery that we select, with pictures of Amalia Avia, Muzzle, Barceló, Creek and two sculptures of Plensa and Valdés, respectively.

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“Between sleep”, video of the intervention to the work of Jaume Plensa

During the last ARCH edition we could see the work Entre sleep of Jaume Plensa, a big sculpture of a head that was calls on in the stand of the newspaper El Pais.

Today we see the video of the intervention of mountains of shoes that a group of artists realized to the work of Plensa, completing the concept of reflection famine - enfermedad-insominio. It is amazing as with small details and crossed information, one can be discovering more and more a work of art.

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