What does when does Eduardo Naranjo travel?

Seldom we have the pleasure in reading interviews to big Spanish artists and less speaking about his trips, but the summer and the holidays deserve to know the life of the painters.

The publication Today has interviewed Eduardo Naranjo, in a very light text (since if it had the opportunity of a chat with Orange tree he would not know where to start, but good), but well it costs to know what the realistic painter does during his trips and which some of his preferences are.

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It begins 7 Shows, Biennial European of Contemporary art

Today it begins 7 Shows, the Biennial European of Contemporary art, one of the events most emphasized from the international art, along with Documenta Kassel and the biennial one of Venice.

In this edition, the appointment is in a city to the north of Italy located between Trentino and South of the Tirol. Pitifully a lot of information of the biennial one has not come to the means, for which we tell him any of the scarce information (?) to that we have had access.

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The crucified frog, polemic work of Martin Kippenberger


Once again we have an example of the contemporary art committing an outrage (supposedly) against the moral values. Fred treats Frog as a work of the series the, of the German artist Martin Kippenberger.

Since they see in the image, the frog occupies Christ's place on having been crucified: in a hand it supports an egg and in other one a beer pitcher. The work is exhibited in the museum of Bolzano of Italy. Of course the one who has been scandalized by the work has been the bishop of the city, who said that the work has impressed many visitors and hurt his faith.

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Biography of Kike Meana


Series Automatons

To speak about contemporary art without naming Kike Meana, is to forget an important part of the current art. Bachelor of Fine arts in 1991, in the Specialty of Painting in the Complutense University of Madrid, has announced principally for his series Automatons.

The work of Meana happens for three different lines, the first ones are Figures that consist basically of portraits and oils of different personalities, playing very much with the eroticism in his works; and Urban Scenery, where they put out different sceneries of the city that seem realistic in his linens.

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“The man of the rocking chair” of Rafael Canogar to auction in Italy

Rafael Canogar is one of the artists of the group Step that more I like and finally we have met on a work of him that enters the auction of the Italian house Metting Art, which will be realized on January 27 at 1 p.m. hs.

The work in question is The man of the rocking chair


Linen fluttered s /
162×130 cm, dated 1964 and signed.
Evaluation: 60.000 EUR.

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