The penetrated ones of Santiago Sierra (images)

The first act: 10 men of white race penetrated 10 women of white race.

We surprised Santiago Sierra to beginning of this year with a work of powerful contemporary art: I am speaking about The penetrated ones, which were exhibited in January in gallery Helga de Alvear.

The work was a video of 45 minutes split into 10 acts, which shows all the possible forms of the anal sex between men and women of white and black race. The work was labeled by the conventional means like provocation, pornography, theatricality and disobedience, but the work of Saw does not stay there in these gradilocuentes words.

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Images of the exhibition of Ryno de Wet in Dark Chamber


Shadow Valley is the title of the exhibition of the South African photographer Johann Ryno de Wet that we can see in Dark Chamber and that today offer you some of the images that more we liked.

Since you see, the photo of Ryno de Wet is of an interesting texture, with intense colors in the detail of the composition, creating an ambience that I will call realist magic, by the chromatic force.

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Retrospective of Julio González in Queen Sophia (images)

Montserrat shouting

Last week we were moving forward the opening of the retrospective of Julio González in the National museum Center of Art Queen Sophia, who finally will be able to visit from today until June 1.

This is the exhibition he was waiting in Queen Sophia for a creator as González, considered to be the biggest Spanish sculptor of last century or also well-known like “the man who was manipulating metals as butter“. A whole of 200 works will be seen, with special attention to his cardinal works: Montserrat shouting and Woman before the mirror. Here a walk along some few ones that to stand out costs.

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Klimt, book of the work of the painter for Alfred Weigdinger

The Kiss of Gustav Klimt

Klimt is the title of the catalog - book that will go on sale in Spain on November 21 and that there assembles a finished study of the work of Gustav Klimt, one of the most important modern painters of the XXth century.

The volume was realized by Alfred Weigdinger, assistant manager of Albertina Museum of Vienna and expert of the work of the painter, along with the collaboration of other specialists. The book assembles in a luxurious edition 600 images of the work of Klimt, of which 460 are to color.

The publication tackles a finished study of the work of Klimt, his motivations, topics appellants and analysis of the personality of the painter, author of one of the pictures most known in the whole world: The Kiss.

An essential document for the fans of the art and especially to the particular Klimt style, since many of the works have been photographed again and are provided with finished information cards on the foot of photo.

Images of the hyperrealistic exhibition of Duane Hanson

One of my guilty pleasure is the fascination (almost obsessive) for the hyperrealistic sculpture, especially in the work of Ron Mueck. Some weeks ago we speak about the exhibition Sculptures of the American dream, the first retrospective of Duane Hanson in Spain.

For whom they still have not gone, we remember that they have time to visit until August 24 in Art Channel Madrid.

The fabulous of the hyper-realism of Hanson there is the collision of the human subject-matter of the American dream and this collection of statuesque human beings who represent the defeat of this unreal ideal. Simply viral and sharp the look of the work of Hanson.

Images of the damages to Madonna and The Scream of Munch


The circles mark some of the damages with the picture.

Finally today there is opened the exhibition devoted to Edvard Munch in the Museum Munch of Oslo, where there will be able to be appreciated the losses that there have incurred two of his most famous paintings, after the thefts of 2004.

The damages in The Scream and Madonna they are irreparable and in the images they cannot differ clearly, but there are rips, holes and moisture spots in the paintings. Also there was revealed the date of execution of The Scream: it is in 1910, 17 years after what it was estimated.

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Photographic exhibition of the Chinese Empire


European in palaquín. Photo: Afong Lai

Shades of China 1850-1900, it is the title of this ancient sample, coproduced by the publishing house Canopia and the Valencian Museum of the Enlightenment and the Modernity (Muvim), and that will be inaugurated and will exhibit from February 21 in the Valencian museum.

This exhibition of photo invites us to transport us the years before the Imperial China, somewhere near 1850, with a set of portraits that give testimony of what happened inside this country of closed doors.

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