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Hosting Premium for your web

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Belong you to these demanding persons and retailer who looks for the best thing for his projects? So if you are like that and also these prompt, to throw your web in the Internet universe, you will be interested in this bundle of hosting premium of Sync.

In Sync you can choose between 2 hosting premium options, with servants dedicated for the entire administration of your web: linux to 69.95 € x month and Windows to 79,95 € x month.

This service guarantees a constant monitoring of the servant in which your web is guest with a permanent alertness of his speed of answer and correct functioning of every application, in addition to a direction mail of the exclusive technician (connected to his mobile phone) of his machine that will attend to him of privileged form and with a term of answer lower than 2 hours in working days and less than 24 in weekends or festive.

Each of the bundles of hosting premium for the web accommodation is provided with these characteristics:

  • Available space: 5 Gb (electric cord)
  • Transference disposible: 40 Gb (electric cord)
  • Exclusive IP for his accommodation
  • Servant shared by a maximum of 10 clients
  • Exclusive attention of a dedicated technician (24 hours, 7 days)
  • Functioning guarantee 99.99 %, we solve problems of connectivity and hardware in less than 90 minutes after his detection
  • Personalized modules facilities or typical that needs (if license is needed, the user has to provide it)
  • More domains (up to a maximum of 3) to his principal accommodation, for only 10 €/month each one, having, each of them, all the characteristics of an accommodation premium.
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