Biography of Hernando Viñes


Hernando Viñes was born on May 20, 1904 in Paris, son of a Catalan and of a native indigenous to Guatemala. In his trajectory of 70 years, Viñes tackled different topics, like the personages in situation, the women and the small players of letters of his beginning, and cultivated the portrait, the still life, the nude and the scenery.

It did it across the illustration, the drawing, the watercolor, the charcoal, watery and the oil, on pasteboard and on linen. It covered the whole field of the modern painting, since he was interested by the different currents of his epoch: cubism, surrealism, fauvismo, post - impressionism; nevertheless, it does not allow to be influenced by any specific school.

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You give birth to Paris in gallery Arteselección

It is the name of the exhibition that is inaugurated on Thursday at 20 a.m. hs in the gallery Arteselección. The sample is assembled by a fistful of works of Spanish artists who belonged to the Spanish School of Paris, as Francisco Bores, Antoni Clavé, Hernando Viñes, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Ginés Parra, Ismael González de la Serna and José Palmeiro.


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Out-standing collective exhibition in the Gallery Hopscotch in Madrid

The Gallery Hopscotch, directed by David Fernández – Braso is a somewhat peculiar space. Linked to the Gallery Juan Gris and placed in the Quarter of Salamanca in Madrid it is a space where, a pair of times a year, can enjoy some very out-standing collective exhibitions, where the selection of authors and of works is really elegant.

Next June 26 and under the title “Panorama 2007” he can enjoy one of these brilliant collective, which I cannot but to recommend to visit the persons who could approach to see it in Madrid.

It is not easy to see works of Miquel Barceló together and well chosen, Eduardo Arroyo, Team Chronicle, Looked, Antoni Tàpies, Eduardo Chillida, Lucio Muñoz, Luis Feito, Hernández Pijuán, Mompó, Pablo Palazuelo, Manolo Valdés, Canogar, Bores, Viñes, Cristóbal Toral or Antonio Saura between others. To keep on reading»

Auction of Segre in July: Hernando Viñes, Cristobal Toral, Carlos Nadal

Segre, which did not realize sale in June, quotes us at the beginning of July, the 2nd to be finishing the period.

This sale looks like a summer sale, with few interesting pieces, like surf of one year in which it has offered us out-standing contemporary art pieces, posicionándose like one of the most valid references in art of the S. XX and XXI in Spain.

From the lots of the month we have emphasized the following ones:


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