Biography of Francisco Iturrino, Spanish painter



Francisco Iturrino was born in Santander on September 10, 1864, being a son of of Miguel Iturrino-farero - and of Joaquina González. At the age of three his family moved to Castro-Urdiales and in 1872 one changed of definitive form Bilbao.

There, at the age of 15 it received classes of drawing in an academy and on the part of his uncle, Elviro González, painter and poet. Once the graduate ended, in 1883, he settled in Liège (Belgium) to study engineering. But it left the studies, without his father finding out, to begin his artistic career.

In 1890 it moved to Brussels and studied painting with Lorrand. Two years later he decided to devote himself of exclusive form to the painting.

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Matisse in Thyssen Bornemisza, images of the exhibition

Matisse, 1917-1941 is one of big exhibitions that we will be able to see this summer and unavoidable appointment to meet Henri Matisse, one of the French painters that more we like.

Here some images of what you will be able to see in the visit to the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza, it shows that it centers in the years of life of Matisse in Nice and the study of the painting of trestle, where you will see pictures with sceneries and woman's figures, principally.

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Herni Matisse, exhibition in the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza


Matisse, 1917-1941 is the title of the exhibition that is inaugurated today in the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza, where you will be able to visit a vast collection of the works of Herni Matisse.

What will we be able to see? The sample assembles 80 works, between paintings, drawings and sculptures, with special attention to the period in which Matisse settled in Nice and studied the trestle painting.

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Picasso and the women, exhibition in the Museum Picasso of Malaga

Woman, Cannes, 1961

Picasso and the women is the topic of a new exhibition of Pablo Picasso in the Museum Picasso of Malaga, where the eye puts itself on the sculpture.

What will we be able to see? Woman realized in sheet takes the sample as an enclave point the sculpture in the 60s, and it consists of 40 sculptures, more a work of Henri Matisse and 3 works of Julio González.

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Exhibitions agenda 2009 in Spanish museums

Portrait of the Pope Inocencio X of Francis Bacon

2009 will start with an explanatory variety for all the tastes, since some museums as Queen Sophia, Prado Museum and Thyssen Bornemisza have already moved forward his programming that includes contemporary art and modern art.

  • On February 3 there will be inaugurated in the Prado Museum of Madrid the retrospective devoted to Francis Bacon with 70 works that will produce homage to the anniversary of birth of the artist. For May, there is had programmed the opening of the biggest retrospective of the work of Joaquín Sorolla, with more than 100 pictures, between which there stand out 14 panels of the Vision of Spain.

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Context of the cubism

You marry in L'Estaque. 1908. Georges Braque.

You marry in L'Estaque. 1908. Georges Braque.

The cubism arises in France on the year 1907 of the hand of Pablo Picasso and Misses of Avignon, one acts in fact protocubista, since it is in the origins of the cubism.

Picasso on the mentioned date gets in the primitivism, meets Apollinaire, ideologist of the cubism, and also it meets Jean Morreau. Thus it begins to realize pictures of archaic classicism. This way, Picasso is demonstrating a varied influence of numerous authors, between them, they were Unpotter's clay, Cezanne, and Henri Matisse. For his part Braque was provided with a big heredity of Cezanne.

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Representatives of the expressionism

The red trees. 1906. Maurice Vlaminck.

The red trees. 1906. Maurice Vlaminck.

The Norwegian Eduard Munch is considered to be the precursor of the expressionism. His works stand out for the expression capacity by means of a strong chromatic scale, as well as for the contorted figures, that they are capable of transmitting a big climate of vital anxiety.

Authors as André Derain, Maurice Vlaminck and Henri Matisse, head the last one of the group, are some of the members most emphasized from the group fauvista French. The fauvismo is characterized by the first stage in which mixed skills are applied, much influenced by the Signac pointillism, and the second stage in which the use of flat inks happens, but in any of his stages the movement fauvista uses the color to transmit a calm and calmed painting.

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Works of Picasso, Chagall and Matisse to auction in Sotheby's

The house Sotheby's London, it will carry out the next 1st of April a spectacular auction of Contemporary art, where there will be able to be acquired works of some of the most recognized artists of the world. Picasso, Chagall and Matisse stand out between them.

Of Picasso 39 works will be auctioned, between them:

Minotaure Caressant Une Dormeuse
Lot: 314
Signed and dated in 1933
Measurements: 33.7×44.5 cm
Evaluation: 70.000 – 90.000 USD

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Fauvismo de Henri Matisse


Born in Him Cateau-Cambrésis, Henri Émile Benoit Matisse (December 31, 1869 – November 3, 1954), is one of the big teachers of the Modern art, and creator of called Fauvismo. Due to an illness, it begins to do, discovering there his real vocation.

Julián de París initiates his studies in the Academy, until in 1982 it enters to the School of Fine arts. To the beginning, his works based on the drawing the native in his most traditional form, further on to allow to go for the impressionistic current and begin to paint sceneries, principally of the Côte d'Azur.

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