Guillermo Muñoz Vera in the auction of Latin American art of Christie's

On May 28 and 29, Chtistie's realizes in New York a Latin American art auction, with more than 500 lots to auction, between which emphasized today to the Chilean artist Guillermo Muñoz Vera, one of ours favorites:

The workshop

Signed and dated “MV 2000 ″ (low right)
Oils and alquídicas on linen
300 x 235 cm
Identical with 2000
Starting price: 36.000 – 49.000 €

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Works of Muñoz Vera and Toral in the Durán auction

From September 23 until September 25 the room Durán Subastas also will have his special one of Spanish art, in which descatamos the pieces of Guillermo Muñoz Vera and Cristóbal Toral.

Let's begin with Muñoz Vera:

Lara in Salustiano's apartment

Signed: Muñoz Vera 90 in the right low angle
Oil s/tela
BIBLIOGRAPHY: this work turns out to be reproduced in the book “Muñoz Vera 1981-1991 ″ of Matías Díaz Padrón.
Starting price: 16.000 euros

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Picture of Guillermo Muñoz Vera in the auction of Latin American art of Christie's

Tomorrow there is celebrated the big auction of Christie's of Latin American art, in which we emphasize the lot of the Chilean artist Guillermo Muñoz Vera. Since you know, Muñoz Vera is one of the big contemporary exponents of the realistic style and which lot is an exquisite inn:

Inn with cordo


I flutter on mounted linen
88 x 133 cm
Signed: "M 97 ″, execution 1997
Starting price: 12.700 – 15.900 euros

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“Eight days in the Havana” of Muñoz Vera


Gary Nader inaugurates the exhibition on December 4 in the gallery and it puts in the American scene the artist, Chilean of Spanish birth for adoption, Guillermo Muñoz Vera.

The exhibition assembles 44 oils, 44 digital photos, an audio-visual one and a book that includes texts and personal reflections of the painter inspired by his brief step along the Havana.

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The Realism in the auction “Spanish Art” in Madrid: Orange tree, Muñoz Vera and others

The presence of the realism in the auction of October 3 of Christies in Madrid, forced point of reference and of quotations of the Spanish market brings to us some realistic pieces that attract attention of me and I happen to stand out.
In the last editions, of “Spanish Art” a linen of Antonio López was always auctioned. It seems that it is time has not been possible. A pity.

Not if by order of importance or for personal preference (I admit that it is one of my weaknesses), I start by “The ruined times of Isadora” of Eduardo Naranjo.


Eduardo is not only the maximum exponent of the magic realism in our country, but his production of the 70s and beginning of the 80 simply has no comparison with the work of any artist on a global scale, it is round, sincere, dark and a maximum exponent of the skill and quality that a brush can provoke. These years the author of Monesterio, is simply the best, most extraordinary exponent of an unreal realism, which teaches us even the most minimal detail of a few worlds that only had capacity in his head. To keep on reading»

The Auction of the year in Madrid: 3-OCT Christies comes

There is really curious the auction of Spanish Art that Christies celebrates in Madrid for some years.
Auctions of record, extraordinary lots, frequently difficult to see in our country and also, because not to say, very much nouveau riche walking the wallet in the room, with auctions sometimes any more high places than the real price that marks the market every day.

And the fact is that certainly this auction has turned into a social event, in which once a year they want to see many and to allow to see.


Christies announces his next appointment next October 3 in the hotel Westin Palace of Madrid.
There they will give themselves appointment strong and curious, and many of us we will be expectant for seeing that price is reached by some of the pieces that there will sell. To keep on reading»

Exhibition: Realism 2007 in Castelló 120

There comes to my hands the catalog of the Exhibition “Realism 2007” of the Gallery Castelló 120, which tandrá place from February 7 until March 3. This Gallery realizes in Madrid, at the beginning of year an exhibition with young realistic artists that it turns out to be very interesting to me.

This year there exhibit authors that I like like José Luís Corella, Modesto Trigo, Guennadi Ulibin or Golucho. Some that I liked more some years ago, like Javier Banegas, and others that Maria Treviño or Carlos Muro did not know like Pedro del Toro, Francisco Roa, Christian Pignol, Alberto Morago.

Of previous calls done in absence to Lorenzo Fernandez y Kike Meana essentially.

I like very much the realistic painting. Many collectors consider it to be a "minor" category lately with somewhat typical criticism as “that does not contribute anything to the art” or that “for that is already the photo” etc. A me these comments turn out to be entertaining to me. For me the realism is something more than a fabulous skill exercise. To keep on reading»

Painting auction in Segre: Menchu Gal, Muñoz Vera and exceptional Miquel Barceló

On February 13 an interesting painting auction is celebrated in Madrid, in Segre.

This is a young and peculiar auctions room. I like because it is focused almost in its entirety on new values, and occasionally there is some good occasion of buy (much occasionally …)
The Exhibition of this month brings some interesting works. To keep on reading»

Exhibition of Guillermo Muñoz Vera in Madrid.

It exhibits, as there was doing last year in these dates in the Gallery Ansorena one of my favorite realistic authors; the Chilean settled down in Aniseed liquor Guillermo Muñoz Vera.

It is not simple to find Guillermo's work. Big part of the production goes away to USA straight to the Gallery of Gary Nader, a small part appears in Madrid in this appointment with Ansorena and in the auctions of the Room I Withdraw

Long ago that I follow Guillermo and I would like to have his work. In this one special of Guillermo Muñoz Vera you can one I extend summary of his work.

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