The Disappearance, thematic exhibition in gallery Llucià Homs

Work of Guillermo Kuitca in the exhibition

The Disappearance is the explanatory proposal that is inaugurated today in the gallery Llucià Homs.

What will we be able to see? The exhibition is a collective subject-matter that there assembles the work of four contemporary artists about the problems of the persons' disappearance. The artists are: Guillermo Kuitca, Alexis Rockman, Ori Gersht and Rivanne Neuenschwander.

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Kuitca and Murakami in the auction of contemporary art of Sotheby's

The movement begins on the market of the art and on September 10 we will have in Sotheby's New York a contemporary art auction. In the same one there take part more than 200 contemporary artists, of whom we have chosen the lots of Guillermo Kuitca and Takashi Murakami.

Let's begin with Kuitca: Without Title

Measurements: 144.8 x 188 cm
Skill: acrylic and colored pencil s / oil
Executed in 1966 and signed in the reverse
Starting price: 88.160 – 117.500 Euros

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Biography of Guillermo Kuitca


Skill: acrylic on cloth (1988)

He was born on January 22, 1961 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), in the bosom of a refined family, progeny of Jews come from Ukraine. Today he lives between his hometown, where he lives through most of the time, and through New York, where it has a department.

It began doing at the age of six and deposited the nine to the Workshop of Ahuva Szliowicz, where it was nine years. According to his words when it went out from there “he was already the whole painter. He was eighteen years old, had exhibited my pictures and even was teaching“. To the 13 it realized his first exhibition (in 1974), in the Gallery Lirolay of Buenos Aires.

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Gallery of works of Guillermo Kuitca


The most beautiful moment of the war, 1989
Acrylic on cloth
Guillermo Kuitca is perhaps one of the contemporary Argentine artists with more aftereffect on a global scale. His work is part of the collections of museums and more prestigious private roads of the world.

Beyond everything this legitimacy, his work belongs to those who more attract attention of me because of some form it retains certain chromatic expressionism, but with a personal impression that turns it in visceral, renewed, from a different angle. Here a gallery of the works of Kuitca that more catch the look.

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I am going to speak about Kuitca

Guillermo Kuitca, the most quoted living Argentine artist since it sold a work of his - of the series sweet Sea - in 230 thousand dollars, he was born in 1961 in Buenos Aires. Today his life is between this city, where he lives through most of the time, and in New York, where it has a department and Sperone Westwater is represented internationally by the gallery.


At the age of 13 it exhibited for the first time, in the Gallery Lirolay; at the beginning of the nineties it began to exhibit in Belgium, Switzerland, Holland and Italy, and at the age of 30 it had his first individual exhibition in the MoMA of New York. On Sunday, the 17th of this month, in the newspaper Nation, an interview realized to him went out published in New York before dividing Italy, where he spoke about his way of doing art.

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