I fell down Guo-Qiang: Inopportune, work of the exhibition I Want to Believe

I want to Believe it is the title of the exhibition of the Chinese artist I fell down guo-Qiang that you can see in the Museum Guggeneheim Bilbao until next September 6.

Throughout all this time we have seen one to one the works of the exhibition, across the videos in which the proper artist reports to us the conception that hides in each of them. Today it is the Inopportune shift of the installation, which assembly we have already seen in video.

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The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Team Chronicle

- recinte-1971

The recinte, 1971

An emblematic picture has been the Portuguese ladies in waiting of Velázquez in the international art history and Spanish. It has inspired painters of his epoch in the form of the real portrait and has inspired contemporary and modern artists, as it is that I marry of Team Chronicle.

We have already seen The Portuguese ladies in waiting of Manolo Valdés, a series of beautiful sculptures that were a few years ago inhabiting the streets of Spain, today it is the turn to see the versions and visions of the artistic stamp known as Team Chronicle and his Portuguese ladies in waiting.

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Jackson Pollock, the movie

A few days ago, doing zapping, I gave with the movie of the life of artist Jackson Pollock, the creator of the action paiting, a slope of the abstract art that heightens the abstract expressionism across the color.

Pollock, the movie narrates 12 years of the life of the American artist, where focus is done to his search up to coming to the action paiting. The video rescues this scene in which Pollock discovers the dripping method, for a mere coincidence, when his brush gushes with the painting boat, being that he never believed in the coincidences.

Between other details of the movie the personal disorders, the alcoholism are his relation with his wife, the patronage of Peggy Guggenheim, his hate for of Kooning. A movie without pierde for those who love the abstract art.

Mona Lisa Rusa

The Gioconda or Mona Lisa is perhaps the most well-known woman of the art and since Leonardo da Vinci painted it it has been an object of the strangest parodies and imitations.

Here my last discovery: the Grodno firemen, take care of Russia, they have realized a painting on a building in which there appears in the red box a Russian Mona Lisa, dressed in the uniform of the Russian army, and for his face it seems that he likes his new work. After the more, the photo of the detail.

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The matter of the time, sculpture of Richard Serra in the collection of the Guggenheim Bilbao

The matter of the time is one of the sculptures of Richard Serra that are part of the collection permamente of the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao.

The work composed by 7 metal sculptures, and they join the work Snake (1994-97)), shaping the installation that can be visited in the biggest room of the building of the museum. This sculptural installation of big dimensions tackles the concepts of space and displacement, creating in the spectator different sensations across the direct experience.

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The videoarte of Tony Oursler in gallery Soledad Lorenzo

Not long ago more than one year, at the beginning of 2008, the work of Tony Oursler Soledad Lorenzo of Madrid was exhibited in the gallery.

The sample composed by pieces of videoarte, brings us over to the fragmented universe, where the word and the image make a mistake of a disturbing form in irregular pieces, which exhibit lips that speak to us with almost dark voices. In this video of Arte10 you can re-live a little of what it was the exhibition of Oursler, one of the most interesting artists of videoarte.

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The distance between what I have lost and I, videoarte of Marcel Odenbach

The distance between what I have lost and I it is a work of videoarte of Marcel Odenbach, pioneering German artist of the videoarte. The piece Queen Sophia is in exhibition in the room 33 of the plant 4 of the National museum Center of Art, inside the program of exhibition of the works recently acquired by the museum.

The work is composed by images you were recording originally how of file, treated of form it fragments to construct a history of identity and memory. Some of the images that there her compose pornography sound gay and warlike genres, composed by black vertical and horizontal lines that the author uses like distancing resource. The musical accompaniment is composed by classical music fragments, like compositions of Schubert and Burundi.

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Source of fire of Yves Klein in the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao

The collection of the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao is provided with one of the works of the French artist Yves Klein, Source of Fire. The work is located in the patio on pond that it emerges on laugh and it represents to two contradictory elements: the water and the fire.

The work belongs to the series of sources of fire that Klein presented in the retrospective of 1961 in the German Haus-Lange museum, under the Monochrome title and fire.

Klein he had thought this work initially for the square of the museum of Krefeld like a set of marked out ponds of water of walls and sculptures of fire, but finally Bilbao managed to materialize in the space of the Guggenheim.

Emergency, videoarte of Bill Viola

The poetic art of Bill Viola, applied to the vídeoarte, performs an exquisiteness and narrative force, as few contemporary artists achieve it. The love, the hate, the passion, the life, the death, anyway, the existence itself of the human being are topics very difficult to touch in a work and without doubts fact work of art Violates them (with capital letters) throughout all these years.

Today we will see emergency fragments, videoinstalación of 2002, which was part of the exhibition The passions of 2005 in Foundation The Caixa.

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5 angels for the Millenium, videoarte of Bill Viola

Five Angels from Millennium is a work of videoarte realized by Bill Viola in 2001 and exhibited in several museums, between them Tate Modern.

The work was projected on a dark gallery, where they appear 5 years: Ángel del Nacimiento, Ángel del Fuego; Ángel de Ascención; Ángel de Creación, and Ángel de Salida. According to words of the author, this work “does not treat about a movie of a man suffocating. Somehow (…) it had created involuntarily the images of the ascension, from the birth to the death“.

The video of the work, they belong to the exhibition of the work in the Center George Pompidou in Paris, in September, 2005.

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